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Finalists of the Platinum Miss Teen 2013 contest, Dimpaur
Miss Dimapur contestants. Photo: The Ethnic Group of Nagaland (EGoN)

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Started by Dimapur Ladies Club in 1991, the pageant has given the world

Esther Jamir super model

Carol Humtsoe super model

Calvina Sumi beauty expert

Wekhrote Chakhesang entrepreneur

The organisers

The Ethnic Group of Nagaland (EGoN) is a social organisation. It maintains a high-quality website which the reader might like to visit for details.

Miss Dimapur 1991

Nangshimenla Therie

Miss Dimapur 1999

Elis Ao

Miss Dimapur 2005

Viliho Chishi

Miss Dimapur 2007

Benazir is the second grown girl from the left sitting on a bench. She is wearing a tiara, and a red top. The child on her lap is wearing red trousers. From the Morung Express
Miss Dimapur contestants. Photo: The Ethnic Group of Nagaland (EGoN)
Benazir Ali, Miss Dimapur 2007
Miss Dimapur 2008, L-R: Reema, Moakala Phom, Akaholi
Miss Dimapur contestants. Photo: The Ethnic Group of Nagaland (EGoN)
Miss Dimapur 2010 contest. Livika: Miss Photogenic Photo: Demotix, The Network for Freelance Photojournalists
Miss Dimapur 2010 contestants Photo: Demotix, The Network for Freelance Photojournalists
Miss Dimapur 2012. For a better view of the stunning landscape of Dimapur’s Noune Resort,and a larger version of this photograph, see Miss Dimapur 2012
Miss Dimapur contestants. Photo: The Ethnic Group of Nagaland (EGoN)

Benazir Ali won the Miss Dimapur 2007 crown

Miss Dimapur 2007 Benazir Ali

1st runner-up Ayangla

2nd runner-up Watinaro

Venue: Dimapur District Sport Council Stadium

Dilip Deka wrote in The Assam Tribune on Sun, 28 Oct 2007

"I am glad to see that there is a Benazir Ali among the contestants. and that she won the contest despite the discrimination against non-Nagas that exists in Nagalnd. I am assuming that the winner is not a pure Naga name. Where did I get the idea that Dimapur is in Nagaland and Nagas are very selective about who represent them in events like this pageant?

"Has Dimapur come to accept outsiders or does the winner have Naga blood that qualifies her?"

The fact that Benazir won the contest proves that the people of Dimapur (and Nagas in general) are not as insular as Mr Deka thinks they are.

No photographs are available.

However, Indpaedia has been able to clip a news item from The Morung Express of November 18, 2008, when Benazir, the then reigning queen, led the contestants for the 2008 contest to the Ebenezer Orphanage.

She was an undergraduate student of the Pranabananda Women's College at the time and came across as a humble, likeable person, unlike some beauty queens who get arrogant with success. She told ME that life had not changed much since winning the crown, though it had given her confidence. She said that she wanted to puruse her studies and that her fan days could wait. She wanted to lead a simple life and 'too much popularity was hard to handle.'

From the already grainy newspaper clipping we have culled Benazir's picture out--which is grainier still. (That is bound to happen if you leave such things to tsamaar's from Delhi. Nagas should step in and record the history of popular culture in the state.)

Miss Dimapur 2008


Miss Dimapur Moakala Phom

1st runner-up Reema

2nd runner up Akaholi

Miss Dimapur 2009

Kajini Poumai

Miss Dimapur 2010

22 October 2010 By sorei Mahong

Demotix, The Network for Freelance Photojournalists

Miss Dimapur 2010 Allin

Kitoli 1st runners-up

Muvala 2nd runners-up.

Venue: Town Hall, Dimapur.

Organized by Ethereal Club

Supported by the department of Public Health Engineering under the theme ‘Total Sanitation for Health.’

Miss Dimapur 2012

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Miss Dimapur 2013

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Miss Dimapur 2014

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Miss Dimapur 2015

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Miss Dimapur 2016

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Miss Dimapur 2017

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Miss Dimapur 2018

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