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Miss Nagaland 2014, L-R: Kaheli Chophy, Veineinem Singson, Muluvesalu Keyho. Photo: Morung
Miss Nagaland 2013: The 18 contestants chosen for the selection. From Eastern Mirror
Contestants of Miss Nagaland 2008, Dimapur. Photo: doctabrez (copyright) Mohd Tabrez Alam TrekEarth

Indpaedia has painstakingly reconstructed the history of
the Miss Nagaland pageant, though the contest's organisers
have not provided any old records or photographs or given
any archival help. Indpaedia believes the pageant is an important
part of Nagaland’s popular culture. The winners of 1989 are
the mothers of potential contestants today. If you feel
that these memories need to be preserved on the Web, you
can update or correct this article, and/ or send the names/
dignified biographical details/ photographs of any of the
finalists, related to their lives before, during or after
this contest, to the Facebook page, Indpaedia.com.
All information used will be duly acknowledged.

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Organisers of the contest

Tiarenla Jamir, Miss Nagaland 2005
Esther Natso, Miss Nagaland 2009
Miss Teen Nagaland 2010: Temjemsola Aietsur 1st runner up, Shurhosenuo Yano, Medotsulu Khesoh( Amedo Khesohh) 2nd runner up
Alivi Livi Sumi, Miss Teen Nagaland 1st runner up
Dovine Venuh, 1st runner up Miss Nagaland 2012
Vetolu Dawhuo, Miss Nagaland 2011 (front, no.15) being crowned by Hattineng Hangsing, Miss Nagaland 2010 (right, behind)
Hattineng Hangsing, Miss Nagaland 2010
Mary Khiam, Miss Nagaland 2012 top 5 finalist
Imlibenla Jamir. Miss Nagaland 2012
Imlibenla Jamir. Miss Nagaland 2012
Imlibenla Jamir. Miss Nagaland 2012
Abeny Khuvung, 1st runner up Miss Nagaland 2013
Alivi Sumi
Vetolu Dawhuo, Miss Nagaland 2011
Dovine Ado Venuh, 1st Runner Up Miss Nagaland 2013; Miss Phek 2nd Runner up
Miss Luit 2014: Khular Gracy, Ipunggwang R Zeliang, Mzl Nengminza
Finalists from Nagaland at Northeast Diva 2014: ?, Ipunggwang R Zeliang, Vikhrupa Resuh.
Naomi Ringa, Bold And Beautiful Model Hunt 2010

Beauty and Aesthetics Society of Nagaland (BASN)

Miss Nagaland 1989

Lipokla, (Miss Nagaland 1989)-

She was the 2nd Runner Up in Miss North East 1989

Miss Nagaland 1990

Anjuna Sahi (Miss Nagaland 1990)

Miss Nagaland 1991

Lipono (Miss Nagaland 1991)

Miss Nagaland 1992

Rachel Imchen (Miss Nagaland 1992)

Miss Nagaland 1993

Imtisangla (Miss Nagaland 1993)-

She won the Best Traditional Attire and Beautiful Skin In Miss North East in 1995.

Miss Nagaland 1994

Margaret Rongmei (Miss Nagaland 1994)-

Miss Nagaland 1995

Adule Mero (Miss Nagaland 1995)-

Also a finalist in Miss North East in the year 1996.

Miss Nagaland 1996

Ellen Konyak (Miss Nagaland 1996)-

Miss Nagaland 1997

Vesakhulu (Miss Nagaland 1997)

Miss North East, 1997. Also won Miss Perfect 10 and Miss Intellectual Sub-Title in the same Event.

Miss Nagaland 1998

Tokatoli Sohe (Miss Nagaland 1998)

Miss Nagaland 1999

Caroline Sumi (Miss Nagaland 1999)-

Miss Nagaland 2000

Akuonuo Khezhie (Miss Nagaland 2000)

Miss Luit, 2000. Finalist Miss India 2007. Won the Viewer’s Choice Award and Miss Fresh Face Award for the Femina Miss India 2007. Following that, she walked the Wills India fashion week 2009. She was invited to join Ikon Model Management in New York where she walked the prestigious New York Fashion Week 2010, the New York Chocolate Runway Show as well as the Couture Fashion Week 2011.

Miss Nagaland 2001

Hotoli Swu (Miss Nagaland 2001)

Miss Nagaland 2002

Bendangrenla (Miss Nagaland 2002)

Miss Nagaland 2003

Sentila Pongen (Miss Nagaland 2003)

Second Runner-Up in Miss Northeast 2004 and winner of subtitle Miss Beautiful Skin.

Miss Nagaland 2004

Regina Rongmei (Miss Nagaland 2004)-

Miss Nagaland 2005

2005: (l to r) Macina Lungalang, Tiarenla Jamir and Sashinungla
Miss Nagaland 2012 Imlibenla Jamir, flanked by 1st runners up Dovine Venuh and 2nd runners up Semersungla

Winner Tiarenla Jamir of Mokokchung;

first runner-up Macina Lungalang;

second runner-up Sashinungla.

Tiarenla Jamir

Tiarenla Jamir was Miss Mokokchung 2005,Miss Nagaland 2005, Miss Jatropha North East, 2006 and Miss North-east 2006.

Miss Nagaland 2006

Akumnaro (Miss Nagaland 2006)- Miss Nagaland 2006,

Sub Title: Viewers Choice Award, 2nd Runner Up in Miss North East 2009, Sub Title: Miss Confident.

Miss Nagaland 2007

Date held: December 1 2007

Venue: State Academy Hall, Kohima

Miss Nagaland 2007 Imsulemla Aier (born 1990) (Miss Mokokchung 2007)

1st runner-up Yanbeni N. Shitio (born 1990) (Miss Kohima 2007)

2nd runner-up Nuvolu Ringa (born 1990)

Other two in the top five: Dziesevino Yhoshu and Supongmenla Jamir

The winners of sub titles

Miss Beautiful Skin Lichumla Sangtam

Miss Perfect 10 Choilung Luckpan

Miss Photogenic Watinaro

Miss Congeniality Nuvolu Ringa.

Total contestants: 14.

Cash prize for Imsulemla Aier: Rs. 50,000.

Imsulemla Aier's career ambition: to become an Air Hostess.

Miss Nagaland 2008

Abin Kuki (Miss Nagaland 2008)

Miss Nagaland 2009

Esther Natso (Miss Nagaland 2009

Miss Nagaland 2010

Hattinneng Hangsing (Miss Nagaland 2010)

Miss Nagaland 2011

Vetolu Dawhuo (Miss Nagaland 2011)

Miss Nagaland 2012

Miss Nagaland 2012 Imlibenla Jamir/ Imlibenla Wati , 1st runner up Dovine Venuh and 2nd runner up Semersungla

Imlibenla Jamir/ Imlibenla Wati , the tallest one in the centre, meets ;ess privileged girls as part of her social work

Imlibenla Jamir/ Imlibenla Wati , Miss Nagaland 2012

Imlibenla Jamir was studying in Class XI in Mokokchung when she won Nagaland's most coveted beauty crown.

Sub Titles: Miss Perfect 10 and Readers Choice.

A year later, in December 2013, as she sat through the next edition of the Miss Nagaland contest, waiting to relinquish her crown, she displayed maturity rare for a Class XII student. When a contestant stumbled on the stage, Imlibenla Wati waited for a few moments and then cheered her every move in order to bolster her confidence.

Later, as she crowned the 2013 queen and two runners up, most of them a few years older than she, Imlibenla Wati helped them adjust their sashes and tiaras, with a patience and cheerfulness expected only from people much older and senior.

From MattersIndia

During her year-long reign, Miss Nagaland Imlibenla Wati visited Mother’s Hope, a center for unwed mothers, and Ebenezer Orphanage Home, an orphanage. She was accompanied by the members of Beauty and Aesthetics Society of Nagaland, the sponsors of the Miss Nagaland pageant, as part of the society’s goodwill mission, reported morungexpress.com.

Mother’s Hope, founded by Moamenla

Mother’s Hope, set up in 2001 by Moamenla, now cares for pregnant girls undergoing crisis pregnancies and home to young girls, who are usually victims of sexual abuse. It provides and promotes loving, nurturing care for newborn and infants needing permanent home. Initially the home faced stiff resistance from public who believed such an institution would encourage teenage girls to get pregnant.

However she said “Having a hospital doesn’t encourage people to get sick, so similarly having ‘Mother’s Hope’ doesn’t imply it would encourage girls to become pregnant.”

She said her center has sheltered girls between 12 and 19 who became pregnant from rape by strangers. Only 10 percent pregnancy cases that came to the center were attributed to consensual sex. The rest were through rape, date rape and just others.

In addition to providing home for young unmarried pregnant girls, ‘Mother’s Hope’ provide temporary shelter for babies and children awaiting adoption.

Ebenezer Orphanage Home by Akum Amri

A day before, Jamir and friends visited the Ebenezer Orphanage Home in Dimapur, where she gave a gift to children and encouraged them to fear God and study hard.

Akum Amri founded the Ebenezer Orphanage Home in 2005 with three orphans. Now it has 22 children.

Miss Nagaland 2013

Miss Nagaland 2013: :L to R: Abeny Khuvung (1st runner up), Benjongmenla Jamir (Miss Nagaland 2013) and Shurhoseno Yano (2nd runner up)
Miss Nagaland 2013: L to R: Abeny Khuvung (1st runner up), Benjongmenla Jamir (Miss Nagaland 2013) and Shurhoseno Yano (2nd runner up)
Imlibenla Jamir, Miss Nagaland 2012, passing on her crown to Benjongmenla Jamir, Miss Nagaland 2013
Renbeni Odyuo, Naga Idol 2010.

The winners were Benjongmenla Jamir from Dimapur (born 1993), Abeny Khuvung (1st runner up), and Shurhoseno Yano (2nd runner up). The contest was held on the 7th December 2013 at the State Academy Hall, Kohima. There were 18 comntestants.

Benjongmenla was asked what she would change if she could change one thing in the world. She replied that she would abolish “corruption of the government”. The crowd roared in approval.

The prizes

The prizes (in cash) were: Miss Nagaland: Rs.1 lakh; first runner up: Rs.70,000; and second runner up: Rs.50,000. Apart from cash, gifts in kind were sponsored by national corporate houses. All contestants received dongles from Reliance. The three finalists got Reliance Tablets. Miss Nagaland 2013 also got gift hampers from Juvalia NU, Semi Direct and Issa Saloon.

Hosts, judges, guests

The hosts of the show were: Toshizen Longkumer and Tokatoli Sohe, Miss Nagaland 1998.

The judges were Alun Hansing WCS, Temjenyabang IFS, Dr. Vibeituonuo and Sanghamitra.

Special guests included Ethiel Konyak and Esther.

The entertainment component, which flowed seamlessly, performers including Flow Clef, Rebecca Ezung, Imtisenla (1st Runners up Naga Orpheus Hunt 2011), Ayim, Mohawk and Jumpstart Collaboration.

The show began with all 18 beauties wearing the creations of the featured designers: Atu M Jamir, Tokatoli Yepthomi, Amongla Longkumer and Peter Twiss.

Benjongmenla Jamir

Vital statistics: 33-25½-35½. She aims to be an entrepreneur, feels strongly about social crimes and likes reading. While interacting with the media, she said her mother, who she cites as her inspiration, was the first person that came to her mind, when the results were declared. The Morung Express

The sub-titles

Miss Perfect 10: Benjongmenla Jamir; Miss Photogenic: Angap Konyak, Miss Beautiful Skin: Judith; Miss Congeniality: Abeni Khuvung.

Miss Nagaland 2014

Venue: Regional Centre of Excellence for Music and Performing Arts, Jotsoma.

Miss Nagaland 2014, Veineinem Singson (born 1989)

1st runner up Kaheli Chophy

2nd runner up Muluvesalu Keyho.

Also among Top 5 finalists

Lululu Khesoh and

Vilokali Sumi.

Subtitle winners

Sami Direct Queen of Hearts- B. Sangki Konyak

Miss Photogenic- Muluvesalu Keyho

Miss Perfect 10- Teisovinuo Krocha

Miss Talent- L.C. Paunen Phom

Miss Nagaland 2015

Miss Nagaland 2015

Miss Nagaland 2016

Miss Nagaland 2016

Miss Nagaland 2017

See Miss Nagaland 2017

See also

Additional information, current as well as old, about district- and even village-level contests in Nagaland may please be sent as messages to the Facebook community, Indpaedia.com. All information used will be gratefully acknowledged in your name.

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