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The sources of the Miss Nepal series of articles

Miss Nepal. L-R: Ruby Rana, 1994; Malavika Subba 2002; and Sadikshya [Sadichha] Shrestha, 2010

BeautyContestUpdate HotGirlsBeautifulGirls HotGirlsBeautifulGirls iFashionNepal iFashionNepal MediaN MegaSansar Miss Nepal MissNepalSwimsuits NepaliAmir is the author of all Missosology articles cited in this series. MonarcasInternacionales PhotoForEveryone 101nepal GeoCities(The contributor probably was Santosh Thapa) Sudeshna Sarkar/ WorldLatestNews


Kathmandu Jaycees, established in 1970, organized the first Miss Nepal Beauty Pageant in 1994, under the Chairmanship of the then president of Kathmandu Jaycees Sen. Gopal Sundar Lal Kakshapati and Project Committee Chairman Jc. Rupesh Pradhan.

Till then, Nepal remained unrepresented in the international beauty pageants. In 1995, to give the Miss Nepal pageant a more professional approach, senior members of Kathmandu Jaycees who was involved in organizing first Miss Nepal Pageant established The Hidden Treasure, which now annually organizes Miss Nepal Pageants. Some of the revenue generated from Miss Nepal Pageants has been used in the various community development projects of JCI Kathmandu-Nepal.

Miss Nepal Pageant

Miss Nepal/Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal beauty pageant is an annual event held in Kathmandu, Nepal. This pageant started in 1994. The winner of the event competes in Miss World, 1st runner up competes in Miss Earth and 2nd runner up competes in Miss International pageants respectively.

According to MediaN Miss Nepal Universe also competes for Miss Universe. Other sources contradict this.

The contest does not have a swimsuit round, though many Miss Nepal winners have worn swimsuits when required to do so when representing Nepal abroad. Anita Gurung, Miss Nepal Earth, wrapped a loincloth around her thighs when contestants from other ccountries at Miss Earth 2004 wore bikinis.


NepaliAmir writes in Missosology “.”

Kathmandu Jaycees was established in 1970, they first organized Miss Nepal beauty pageant in 1994 on the special occasion of Kathmandu Jacyees Silver Jubliee.

Miss Nepal’s main objective rests on two pillars; personality and leadership development. In 1995, to give the Miss Nepal pageant a more professional approach, senior members of Kathmandu Jaycees who was involved in organizing first Miss Nepal Pageant established The Hidden Treasure, which now annually organizes Miss Nepal Pageants.

Interesting Facts:

  • Out of 18 Edition of Miss Nepal beauty pageant held 11 times Kathmandu District's representative has won the crown and has placed numerous times in top 5 finalists.

11 crowns: Kathmandu

2 crowns: Lalitpur & Parsa

1 crown: Kaski, Sunsari, Chitwan

  • Till 2012 there had been no Miss Nepal from the Northern or Mid-Western Region of Nepal.
  • Most people in Nepal consider Jharana Bajracharya as Miss Nepal 1997 inplace of Neelima Gurung who was the official Kathmandu Jacyees Miss Nepal 1997.
  • In 2001, the pageant was cancelled because of the Nepalese royal massacre. And in both 2006 & 2008 the pageant was cancelled because of the threats from the Maoists Feminists Groups.
  • From 2012 onward; all the 3 title holders of Miss Nepal World, Miss Nepal Earth and Miss Nepal International have been announced as equal three winners with no runners up unlike the past.
  • Even after 15 years of debut in Miss World beauty contest; Nepal still hasn't manage to get a placement in this pageant
  • Miss Nepal organisation doesn't have enough fund to send a representative to Miss Universe.
  • Jharana was only 16 when she participate in Miss World 1997. It's a shame she wasn't funded with good styling. She is one of the most famous actresses in Nepal.

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