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SourabheeDebbarma Sourabhee-Debbarma

Sourabhee Debbarma
Sourabhee Debbarma

Petite, bubbly and glamorous, Sourabhee Debbarma wrote a new chapter in the history of this singing reality show, as she became the FIRST Female Indian Idol.

Despite coming from a non-musical background, the girl didn’t give up her dreams and kept going. Having won the Indian Idol title, Sourabhee is now trying to cope with life in the arc lights.

Sourabhee Debbarma, the first Female Indian Idol who hailed from Tripura breaks the Guinness World Record and made to the list of Guiness Book of World Record.

In the telecast on March 18 on a private TV channel, the former Indian Idol winner Sourabhee Debbarma attempted to sing a song hanging upside down. She took the challenge to break the existing record of New Zealands Rebecca Wright, who sang upside down for 3 Min 53 seconds She sang for 4 minutes and 30 seconds, which was a new world record & it really enthralled the audience and won their hearts.


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