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2007 Sitashma Chand

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The authors of the Miss Nepal series of articles include

2007 Sitashma Chand

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The winners


Sitashma Chand, Lalitpur

She started working as a cabin crew in Emirates Airlines.


Pageant not held due to opposition by the women’s wing of the Maoists who said the pageant degraded women as commodities.

With a Maoist-led government ruling Nepal, it was impossible to hold the pageant after the former rebels allegedly threatened the show’s media partners, the venue authorities and even some of the contestants.

missosology adds “In 2008, when the pageant was meant to be held it got cancelled at the last time due to the Maoists feminist group protesting against Miss Nepal saying women are being exploited and used as a material for commercial and promotional use. The same year, when Zenisha Moktan first joined Miss Nepal 2008 there was a scandal of her fake sex tape; which the feminist group threatened the Miss Nepal org if they would held the pageant in 2008; they will broadcast the sex tape in the national channel (NTV).”

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