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Nikita Chandak, Miss Nepal 2017

The Miss Nepal contest is South Asia’s second oldest and ranks
among the world’s better established annual pageants.
Volunteers have painstakingly reconstructed the history of
the Miss Nepal pageant. If you feel that these memories
need to be preserved, you can update or correct any article
in this series, and/ or send the names/ dignified biographical
details/ photographs of any of the national or even regional
finalists, related to their lives before, during or after
this contest, to the Facebook page, Indpaedia.com.
All information used will be duly acknowledged.


The finale

Nagma Shrestha, Miss Universe Nepal 2017

Organised by the Hidden Treasure

Venue: Hotel Annapurna, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

19 young ladies from all over Nepal were selected for the final round of the competition.

The queens

Rojina Shrestha, Miss Nepal Earth 2017
Sahara Basnet Miss Nepal Asia Pacific International 2017
Courtesy: Gelbert Aplal, Rouge Studio
Nagma Shrestha, Miss Universe Nepal 2017

Nikita Chandak Miss Nepal-2017

Rojina Shrestha Miss Nepal Earth 2017

Niti Shah Miss Nepal International 2017

Sahara Basnet Miss Nepal Asia Pacific International 2017 (a new title)


Miss Talent: Narmata Gurung

Miss Intellectual: Sahara Basnet

Miss Fascino: Niti Shah

Miss Friendship: Rojina Shrestha

Miss Best Hair: Barsha Pokharel

Miss Photogenic: Anusha Lamsal

Miss Confident: Nikita Chandak

Miss Popular Choice: Nikita Chandak

Miss Athlete: Manzari Singh

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