Sonam Pachey

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Sonam Pachey
Sonam Pachey
Sonam Pachey
Sonam Pachey: this photograph was taken by The Times of India group’s Zoom TV in 2012 before the same group's Femina polished up Sonam's modelling skills
Sonam Pachey
Miss India 2012 contestant Sonam Pachey won 3 sub-titles during the pageant - Femina Miss Beautiful Lips 2012, Streax Femina Miss Stylish Hair 2012 and Miss India East'12 1st Runner Up. (Image courtesy: Dabboo Ratnani) Photo and caption text from The Times of India
Sonam Pachey

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Who is Sonam?

Sonam Pachey is an Indian beauty queen from Sikkim.

She took part in the Femina Miss India 2012

Sonam is of Tibetan origin. Many Tibetans--from the Dalai Lama and elite rimpoches and lungpos to pavement-based hawkers of woollens--have honoured India by making it their home. Therefore, they are Indians.

Pemzang wrote in [1]: ‘her uncle a tibetan lama did take care of her in india. her parents are still in tibet’

Sonam and her husband are now based in Switzerland.

Indpaedia hopes that whatever nationality they accept, they should continue to think of themselves as 'Indians of Tibetan origin.'

Personal details

Born: 29 November 1988

Place of birth: Sikkim

Native of Rumtek (East Sikkim)

City: Gangtok

School: PNGSSS Gangtok

College Mount Carmel College, Bangalore

Married to hometown sweetheart Pema Khamritshang.

Height: 5'7


Vital statistics (in inches): 32-25-35

Awards/ titles

See also Miss India winners: 2012

Femina Miss India East 2012

1st runner up in the Pantaloon Femina Miss India East 2012.

Femina finalist top 16 2012.

Femina Fresh Face 2012.

She was one of the top ten finalists in the national contest.

She also won the titles: Miss Beautiful Lips 2012 and Miss Beautiful Hair 2012.

Adulation in Vienna

The Viennese magazine Das Biber wrote this gushing article about Sonam in 2013. [This is a clumsy Google translation]: ‘The most beautiful woman of India lives in Vienna: Sonam Pachey wants to study history in Austria.’

The magazine described her as Miss Rummel, a title that she picked up in Vienna.

Modelling in Austria

Did TV ad for Kastner & Öhler, leading Austrian fashion house and shopping mall chain.


About this stunning beauty BellyInc wrote, ‘You sadly don't get to see too many multiracial beauties like her outside of Europe or North American.’

That is how beautiful neutral observers find her.

However, a jealous person who calls herself wingsofnightingale cattily commented when Sonam got married, [2]: ‘Good for her. She was an awful speaker. would not have won any crown ! nonetheless..congrats to her. She made the right move !’

God never gives anyone everything. If Sonam has been given those unbelievably divine looks, obviously she cannot be expected to be a good speaker as well. Her Hindi-Urdu is grammatically perfect and so is her accent—which is even more creditable for a Sikkimese. But, given her small-town background, obviously her diction and voice need training—and with the right training she would have overcome that as well.

Are Karma Pemyang Saratsang and Sonam Pachey the same?

Indpaedia has (because of its pro-Tibetan/ pro- North East stance) separate pages on Karma Pemyang Saratsang and Sonam Pachey. However, after looking at their photographs we are convinced that the two are the same person.


i) Use logic. After God created Karma Pemyang Saratsang surely even He would not have enough special clay (or special DNA or whatever He created her with) left to create a Sonam Pachey as well.

ii) Though God can do anything, even create more gorgeous clay/ DNA, He will not do so because He is fair. He can’t be so partial to Sikkim and the Tibetan diaspora as to give them a Karma Pemyang Saratsang and a Sonam Pachey

iii) Seriously, on Profile Engine Karma Pemyang Saratsang’s user name is sonam.pachey

iv) Above all, on Sangha Virtual there is a Spanish announcement that translates thus:

“The young Kalu Rinpoche announced yesterday on his personal Facebook profile that he was going to be married soon. At least that is what is understood after reading [a] publication:

"Hello, dear friends. Just wanted to let you know that I love my girlfriend not because it is like a dakini, no, never ... She is the love of my life. Soon she will become my wife. I just wanted to let you because I have to return to South Korea. With all my love to you all, my dear friends. Beware."

The bride is Karma Rinpoche Pemyang Saratsang (Sonam Palkyi), a young person of Tibetan origin. [Palkyi and Pachey seem interchangeable.]

[What was that last ‘Beware’ (Cuidaos) in aid of? Obviously His Holiness the Rinpoche seemed to be anticipating violent reactions from all the men he had enraged by marrying the divine Karma. Incidentally, a Rinpoche [literally, “precious jewel”] is a reincarnate lama [monk], and has a very high rank in the monastic order.

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