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Karma Pemyang Saratsang

Are Karma Pemyang Saratsang and Sonam Pachey the same?

Indpaedia has (because of its pro-Tibetan/ pro- North East stance) separate pages on Karma Pemyang Saratsang and Sonam Pachey. However, after looking at their photographs we are convinced that the two are the same person.


i) Use logic. After God created Karma Pemyang Saratsang surely even He would not have enough clay (or DNA or whatever He creates us humans with) left to create a Sonam Pachey as well.

ii) Though God can do anything, even create more gorgeous clay/ DNA, He will not do so because He is fair. He can’t be so partial to Sikkim and the Tibetan diaspora as to give them a Karma Pemyang Saratsang and a Sonam Pachey

iii) Seriously, on Profile Engine Karma Pemyang Saratsang’s user name is sonam.pachey

iv) Above all, on Sangha Virtual there is a Spanish announcement that translates thus:

The young Kalu Rinpoche announced yesterday on his personal Facebook profile that he was going to be married soon. At least that is what is understood after reading this post:

"Hello, dear friends. Just wanted to let you know that I love my girlfriend not because it is like a dakini, no, never ... She is the love of my life. Soon she will become my wife. I just wanted to let you because I have to return to South Korea. With all my love to you all, my dear friends. Beware."

The bride is Karma Rinpoche Pemyang Saratsang (Sonam Palkyi), a young person of Tibetan origin. [Palkyi and Pachey seem interchangeable.]

(What was that last ‘Beware’ (Cuidaos) in aid of? Obviously His Holiness the Rinpoche seemed to be anticipating violent reactions from all the men he had enraged by marrying the divine Karma. Incidentally, a Rinpoche [literally, “precious jewel”] is a reincarnate lama [monk], and has a very high rank in the monastic order.)

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