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A threesome Antharangam

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A gentle massage: Antharangam
This is how the heroine's body was painted in Antharangam



No, she is wearing nothing. That ‘bra’ is only paint. Scene from Antharangam





Director: J V Rukmangadhan

Production House: Leo International

Music: P. R. Lalitha - Music Director

Language: Tamil


This is how the heroine's body was painted in Antharangam

Antharangam story of the film is about an innocent girl who is cheated by her lover. She is being sold in the red light area. A painting artist goes to a brothel house.He buys Kamalika by paying Rs 2 Lakhs and takes her with him.

Kamalika also falls in love with him without knowing that he is a painter of semi nude pictures. At one point of time, he asks her to pose topless so that he could paint her image. Filmi Beat

J V Rukmangathan directed Antharangam is the story of a handsome gigolo who provides service to wealthy sexually frustrated housewives. He meets a single girl working in a magazine who had a traumatic experience in a brothel and the film is about their varied sexual encounters.

How did it get through the censors?

No, she is wearing nothing. That ‘bra’ is only paint. Scene from Antharangam

How did it get through the censors? The answer perhaps lies in the fact that recently, the regional censor chief was caught red handed by the CBI's anti-corruption wing, while accepting a bribe! [Indpaedia adds: It got the censors the same way as Raj Kapoor’s films did. In 1978 his Satyam Shivam Sundaram managed to get away with scenes that, 36 years later, were snipped out of Xposé (2014), a film that alluded to the making of Satyam Shivam Sundaram.]

Successful formula repeated

Leo International 'Andharangam' is another film written and directed by JV Rukmangathan who believes in by titillating the senses you can make money. With a tag line The Hidden Truth this film wants to border decency which may be difficult to achieve. Sindhu who played the minor character as the sex worker who marries a dwarf man to lead a normal life in 'Angadi Theru' plays a major slimy role claims the latest publicity materials. The sudden surge of these kind of low grade movies is a cause for concern to real movie fans. India Glitz Friday, July 16, 2010

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