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Zhu Zhu in Ladakh, while shooting for Tubelight

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Who is Zhu Zhu?

Zhu Zhu is a Chinese actress, model and TV-show hostess, who in 2016 shot in Ladakh and other parts of India for Kabir Khan’s Tubelight, in which she plays the heroine opposite Salman Khan, film actor

Zhu Zhu modelling for Dior
Zhu Zhu.
Photo: HugChina.com
Zhu Zhu'
Zhu Zhu during her modelling days.
Zhu Zhu and Lapo Elkann.
Zhu Zhu in the littlest black dress
Zhu Zhu in the littlest black dress
With Lapo Elkann.
Zhu Zhu in the littlest black dress
With Lapo Elkann.
Franck Castel's celebrated picture of Zhu Zhu's LBT (T being for top)
Photo: ©Franck Castel/Wostok Press
Zhu Zhu
Zhu Zhu

She comes from an Air Force family and speaks English as well as Mandarin Chinese.

Her grandfather, Zhu Xuzhi, a former People's Liberation Army general, may have even been personally involved in 1962, serving as he was then as the political commissar of the PLA Air Force's technical department. (India Today)

The non-Chinese pronounce her name as: Juju

Community: Han

Height: 166 cm/ 5ft 6in

Weight: 48 kg/ 105lb.

Languages spoken: Mandarin, English

Education: Graduated from Beijing Technology and Business University in electronics and information engineering.

She was subsequently admitted to the Parsons School of Design in New York.

Blood group: O

Ear rings are the jewellery that Zhu Zhu prefers; fish her preferred food; British Rock and Jazz are her taste in music; popstars that she likes include The Cure、Frank Sinatra, Tao and Junko.


Born in Beijing on July 19, 1984.

She started to learn piano when she was age 3.


TV debut: As a host for MTV China on an English-learning series.

First solo album: Released: in 2009.

Debut in the films: Zhu Zhu had a guest role in 我知女人心, the Chinese remake of What Women Want (2010).

Zhu Zhu entered international cinema with纽约客@上海/ Shanghai Calling (2011) and then a walk-on part in 铁拳 (The Man with the Iron Fists) (2012), (director: RZA, producers for Universal: Eli Roth, Marc Abraham).

Her US debut was with Cloud Atlas (directed by Lana Wachowski, her brother Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer) (2012), in which her acting skills were appreciated.

Relationship status

In 2016: Single.

However, in a pictorial feature titled ‘Kiss turns unpopular China TV host into overnight celebrity,’ Asian Town wrote that till May 2012 Zhu Zhu was ‘relatively unknown in China, until her relationship with 34-year-old Elkann [manager of brand promotion at Fiat] was exposed. They reportedly met at an exhibition in Beijing [in May 2012].

‘Nicknamed "Lapo of Luxury", Elkann has dated a string of women…

‘Pictures of Lapo Elkann kissing [Zhu Zhu] during a Serie A championship match sparked a flurry of searches on the Internet for her identity. Elkann is one of the heirs to the Agnelli family empire which owns automobile giant Fiat and Italian football club Juventus. As the photos went viral, curious Chinese netizens launched a search for the mystery woman's background.’

The relationship ended in 2013.

The littlest black dress

One of Zhu Zhu’s earliest brushes with fame was because of her little black dress (see accompanying pictures). Hug China.com wrote, ‘Zhu captured the media's attention, appearing in a sexy black top which left almost nothing to the imagination. Zhu showed the world an oriental beauty’s charm but western-style open personality, wearing a side cut dress in black color.’

Apparently, this was a Gucci outfit that Zhu Zhu wore at the premiere of Once Upon a Time at the Cannes International Film Festival on May 18, 2012.


As an actress

2011 The Evoque Effect (TV Serial)

2011 What Women Want

2012 Cloud Atlas

2012 Shanghai Calling

2012 The Man with the Iron Fists

2014 Last Flight

2014 Old Cinderella

2014 Secret Sharer

2014-2016 Marco Polo (TV Serial)

2017 Tubelight Forthcoming Indian film

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