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Sushmita does a Shakira
Sushmita singing Ningjaba Mana Nungshiba Mana in her hit debut film Thabaton
Sushmita singing Ningjaba Mana Nungshiba Mana in her hit debut film Thabaton
Raj Elangbam & Sushmita did the 'playback singing' of the song "Ahanbagi Nungshi" in the film Sel Painingmanna Khotle (2012), Lyrics: Khaidem Imo, Music: Bishow Ch. Cast: Nirmal, Merina, Artina, Kanchan, Susmita & Soma.
Sushmita singing Ningjaba Mana Nungshiba Mana live in Chandigarh
Sushmita's Nangbu Uruba Mikuptagi (her co-singer, not in this frame, was Rahul)
Sushmita singing Ningthou Machasu (co-star Bony is offscreen)
Sushmita in Lanngamba (2014) (co-star Keiku is offscreen)
A punk Sushmita
Sushmita in the 2012 album "Piraang" Singer: Sushmita, Cast: Rojez, Sushmita & Kanchan, Lyrics: Daoson, Music Director: Surmani, Tune By: Sushmita

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Who is Sushmita?

Sushmita Devi Mangsatabam (or Sushmita, as she is known to her fans, or Susmita, as her name is often misspelt) is a very popular Indian pop singer, guitar player, artist (painter), dancer and actress from Manipur. Of all Manipuris in the popular arts, the second highest number of queries on Indpaedia are about Sushmita. (Bala Hijam is the undisputed no. 1.)

Personal details

Sushmita was born on the 8th December 1995. She lives in Luwangsangbam Awang Leikai and is 5ft5in tall.

School: North Point High School

Early career

Sushmita started singing in public when she was just 13 and a schoolgirl in Grade 8. She was the first in her family to take up singing as a profession, being inspired towards music by Brian Moore, among others. In conservative states like Manipur this career choice is not looked upon kindly. Therefore, her family was less than enthusiastic about her decision. Her mother alone stood by her and encouraged her in her chosen career.

Live performances and concert tours are physically strenuous in the Indian mofussils. Once her troupe was travelling by road from Nungba to Noney at night. The vehicle broke down and the troupe, including Sushmita, had to travel all the way to Noneyon foot. They reached Noney in the morning, and all that Sushmita could think of during that long, forced trek was to give up singing as a career.

Sushmita told e-pao that this “happens quite often… when the vehicle you are travelling breaks down in a no men's land in middle of the night and the fact that you have to negotiate the 'men in uniform' most of the time is a nightmare.”

By early 2011 Sushmita had recorded and released more than twenty songs, in the films as well on independent albums. Already she was the rising star of Manipur. 'Sushmita’s first solo musical album was launched in 2011 at Yaskhul. She became very popular very quickly.

This melted whatever the initial reservations that the other members of her family might have had. Now the entire family came around and began to support her.


BB Films Production’s digital Manipuri film ‘Thabaton’ (Directed By: Bijgupta Laishram/ 2013) marked the debut of Sushmita as a singer-cum-actor. It was screened, inter alia, at Pratap Talkies, Imphal and was a major theatrical success. The film also starred Gokul, Kaiku, Dhanamanjuri and RK Hemabati. Manipur Times

Her style

In Manipur, as in most parts of India where audiences are limited, singers cut costs by using recorded Karaoke-style tracks, rather than expensive full-fledged orchestras, during their live shows. Sushmita, however, tries to insist on live orchestras, because of the fuller feel that the latter have.

Among male singers, Uttam is her favourite singing partner for duets.

Her famous songs

Ahanbagi Nungshi 2012 ( Raj & Sushmita)

Boiton Mangkhre...

Koinarakpa tabani Sorri Senjam feat. Sushmita

Leiraroidara khallui taibangsida | Film- Chow Chow Momo Na Haobara | Sushmita feat. Viveksana| Recordings are also available of this song sung by Sushmita and Naoboi; Susmita & Bony; Susmita solo

Lithokpa Tamthokpa Yadraba Singer: Pushparani, Cast: Gokul & Sushmita Music: N. Jawaharlal Lyrics: Kh. Inaoba & Ram Muivah (IAS), Producer: Kh Sunibala & Kh Nikeshraj, Directed By: Bimol Phibou

Nangbu/ Nungbu Uruba Mikuptagi Singer- Sushmita, Introducing Rahul & Sushmita, Music- Anand, Lyrics & Tune- Kishorjit

Ngarang Ngarang Nganglanu Sorri Senjam feat Sushmita

Ningjaba Mana Nungshiba Mana (Movie: Thabaton ) Singer: Susmita & Suren; Sushmita has also performed it live with Johnson in Chandigarh; and with Tomba.

Nangi Wangang Nanngi...

Ningthou Machasu Kallakte 2013, Film: Chow Chow Na Haobara, Singju Borana Oinambara , Singers: Susmita & Viveksana, Lyrics: Akendra Tensuba, Producer:Danapati. Story, Music, Screenplay & Directed By: Rk Jiten

Nungshirubagi Kak-Ngaonare (Sushmita)

Phumduna Thamliba (Sushmita) A westernised song with some English words.

Piraang Manipuri Music Album (Sushmita)

Sintharu Pirang Nangsu Sushmita

Tanikle Thamoise

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