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Note: National, provincial and district boundaries have changed considerably since 1908. Typically, old states, ‘divisions’ and districts have been broken into smaller units, and many tahsils upgraded to districts. Some units have since been renamed. Therefore, this article is being posted mainly for its historical value.

Salin Town

Head-quarters of a subdivision in Minbu District, Upper Burma, situated in 20 35' N and 94 40' E , on the right bank of the Salin river, 9 miles west of the Irrawaddy. It is on low giound, surrounded by well-irrigated paddy-fields, and is connected with Sm- byugyun and the Irrawaddy by a good metalled road. According to tradition the town was founded about A,D. 1200 by king Narapadisithu of Pagan, and the ruins of the Burmese wall are still to be traced. The neighbourhood was the scene of active operations at the time of the annexation of Upper Burma. After its occupation m 1886 the town was besieged for three days by the fongyi rebel Oktama, who was driven off by a force under Major Atkinson, but that officer fell in the attack.

The population of Salin has fallen of late in the same way as has that of other towns in the dry zone, the actual decrease having been from 10,345 in 1891 to 7,957 in 1901. The town has a large bazar and is a thriving trade centre, for nearly all the business from the Mon river comes to Salin and not to Minbu, and the mam road from the An pass enters the town from the west, Salin was constituted a municipality in 1887. The income and expenditure during the ten years ending 1901 averaged Rs 21,000. In 1903-4 the receipts were Rs 21,000, including Rs 12,000 from the municipal bazar, and Rs. 4,000 house and land tax^ and the expenditure was Rs. 23,000, the principal items of outlay being Rs. 7,700 spent on conservancy, Rs. 4,700 on public works, and Rs 2,500 on the hospital. The municipal hospital has accommodation for 22 in-patients,

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