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Just training Wolverine

Ramona Braganza
Ramona Braganza

Tonella Coutinho, TNN | Aug 17, 2014 The Times of India

Ramona Braganza (born 1962) has jogged with Jessica Alba, worked out with Anne Hathaway and helped Hugh Jackman train. Braganza owns bragging rights for having sculpted numerous Hollywood celebrity bodies for camera, including Halle Berry and Bradley Cooper.

Having dabbled in some form of fitness or the other including gymnastics, dancing and NFL cheerleading, the age-defying trainer of Goan origin got her first break while working as a waitress at Sports club LA in California.

A producer that she had served lunch to and who had become a friend of hers by then was writing a show called Byrds of Paradise- starring a 13-year-old Jennifer Love Hewitt. He offered her a job to help choreograph and train Hewitt for a show he was filming in Hawaii. The company sent her over for six weeks and she worked with Hewitt during that time. She was Ramona’s first client (actress) that she trained in the way of dance. Jessica Alba was the first that she trained as a fitness instructor.

Braganza is the author of Feel Fit Look Fantastic in 3-2-1

Literally rubbing shoulders with glitterati has led to quite a few memorable experiences. A jogging session with Hollywood actress Jessica Biel took an unexpected turn when the two got separated and found each other only four hours later. One time she was called in to train Anne Hathaway on the day of the Oscars and found herself training her in bicep curls while she had her hair and nails done at the same time, shares Braganza.

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