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Radhe Maa’s supporters are being too clever by half when they say that she never claimed to be a deity. What else do the halos around her suggest?
This collage has been clipped from the ‘Swaroops’ section of her website. [1] Swaroop means ‘manifestation.’ Only deities have manifestations.
The Facebook page ‘Param Shradhey Shri Radhe Maa’ accepts as much and has an album devoted to Radhe Maa’s ‘divine manifestations.’
Param Shradhey Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa
Param Shradhey= the most venerable. Mamtãmai= She who loves everyone like a mother.
Even a ‘holy mother who brims with maternal love’ (which is what Shree Mamtamai Maa literally means) is entitled to some love of material things.
Radhe Maa/ Sukhwinder Kaur in posh surroundings in Dubai. Picture: The Rahul Mahajan
As Dolly Bindra tweeted: there is nothing wrong in getting photographed in a (Western) dress, because looking pretty is every woman's right. Radhe Maa/ Sukhwinder Kaur, apparently in Dubai during a shopping trip.. Picture: The Rahul Mahajan
Apparently, Radhe Maa reverts to being Sukhwinder Kaur when in Dubai.
The twitterati have unfairly compared her with Sunny Leone (unfair to Leone); this pose is more like actress Bindu of the 1970s. Picture: The Rahul Mahajan


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Radhe Maa is …

Mamtãmai Shrî Rãdhé Gurû Maa is the name that Sukhwinder Kaur gave herself when she decided to become a ‘godwoman,’ i.e. the leader of a religious cult. While Radhe Maa has high-profile devotees in Mumbai, where she is based, a major chunk of her religious activities is centred around her native Punjab.

The youthful looking Radhe Maa is married, has children and is a grandmother. (DNAIndia)

If Radhe Maa has a philosophy, her devotees (who include top-notch advertising professionals) have not put it up on her well-constructed website ([2]). Instead, the website tells us about ‘Divine experiences,’ ‘Social activities,’ ‘Chowkis’ and ‘Bhents.’ Thus, instead of projecting her as a guru (teacher), they are billing her as a metropolitan version of Punjab’s small-town satsang- (congregation), chowki- (religious ceremony; since the late 20th century, a ceremony accompanied by trendy religious songs) and bhent- (devotional song) leaders.

Radhe Maa has gathered a major following because very obviously devotees find bliss in her presence and at her gatherings. This is a role that Hindu, Muslim and Sikh mendicants (and the USA’s TV evangelists) have played over the centuries: providing solace to their flock.

The person


The lady later known as Param Shradhey (the most venerable) Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa was born on April 4, 1965 in village Dorangla in the Gurudaspur district of Punjab. Mamtamai means ‘full of maternal love.’

Her father was an official in the Punjab government.

Her pet name was Gudia (little doll) and her formal name Sukhwinder Kaur. When she was five, fate struck a cruel blow, and Sukhwinder Kaur received the first shock of her life.

She lost her mother.

She started spending time at the Maa Kali temple close to her house.

Sukhwinder Kaur studied till Class X. She loved listening to Gurbani. At an age when children play with dolls and toy houses, Sukhwinder Kaur 's mind was keener on bhakti (prayer, devotion).

A long-distance marriage

Sukhwinder Kaur was married when she turned 18.

Her husband Mohan Singh of Mukerian village in district Hoshiarpur was from a joint family, well-to-do by rural standards. His family owned a popular sweetmeat shop in the village. Sukhwinder Kaur used to stitch clothes to supplement her husband's income ([3]). In time, she gave birth to two sons. Shortly after, her husband left for the Gulf for better employment ([4]), leaving his young wife and two children behind.

Sukhwinder felt an emptiness after her husband left. It was not easy for her to cope.

However, Sukhwinder was not daunted. She had time on her hands and a skill—sewing. She took to tailoring and even taught the skill to other girls in the neighbourhood.

Taking to religion

Whatever time remained after giving sewing lessons, Sukhwinder Kaur devoted to reciting the Gurbani. Her family worried for her because she was often seen lost in thought. Her father took heed of her state and took her to Mahant Ramdin Das 1008, the caretaker of the Paramhans Bagh Dera.

The venerable Mahant was impressed with the devotion of Sukhwinder Kaur. From that day onwards, Sukhwinder Kaur began to visit the dera every day and offered worship to the deities there. Her devotion to Lord Shiva was so intense that she experienced the first stirrings of vairagya (renunciation). A day came when she lost all interest in worldly matters, including her family and marriage. Her husband was abroad when this happened.

People in her village said her transformation began some time in her early 20s when she joined the local Paramhans Dera. They said that she was very influenced by the Paramhans Dera's head Ram Deen Das and began attending satsangs (‘congregations of good people’). Soon she was holding her own satsangs. While it is not clear when [or why] she moved to Mumbai, she did face some trouble when some Hindu organisations objected to her claiming to be a reincarnation of Durga. This saw her move from her native Punjab to Mumbai. (DNA India)

Around the age of 23, Sukhwinder Kaur decided that she was no longer a householder and dedicated herself completely to God. Around this time she took on the name Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa. However, devotees who had in those months attached themselves to her refused to let her wear the robes of a sanyasin. They adorned her as an act of devotion and Radhe Maa did not turn down their offerings.

Radhe Guru Maa's compelling personality attracted numerous devotees to her. Some began to invite her home when they held pujas, satsangs and chowkis.

Her rise in popularity was propelled by Mumbai businessman Sanjeev Gupta, the owner of Global Advertiser, whose company handles various prime-location hoardings in the city. Celebrities, some of them from Filmistan, became her followers. Her husband and two children moved back with her. According to her devotees, her relationship with her husband and children resembled that of a guru and disciple. (DNA India)

Her two principal aides

Around this time, a young girl from Mukeriãn whom the congregation knows today as Chhoti Maa came for Radhe Guru Maa's darshan. She became a regular at the darshans and in a few months committed herself to a lifetime of service to Radhe Guru Maa. Chhoti Maa, who hails from a well-to-do family, has been in Guru Maa's service for the last 15 years. She has two brothers who are settled in Australia.

It was during one of these visits, Mamtamai Shri Radhe Maa and Chhoti Maa visited Phagwada that they met the 12-to13-year-old who is today known as Talli Baba. Deeply impressed with Radhe Guru Maa's character, the boy's father had no qualms in allowing him to enter her service. Talli Baba is today among Guru Maa's foremost sevadars.

‘Talli’ is the exact equivalent of ‘blotto,’ the jokey word for ‘sozzled’ or ‘drunk.’ It led Abhijit Majumder (@abhijitmajumder) to tweet, ‘Radhe Maa's secretary is called Talli Baba. I think it's a spoof cult. Like Hotshots, the movie.’

Radhe Maa acquires devotees…

Devotees very obviously found their lives enriched with Guru Maa's blessings and experienced calm in their hearts. Over the years, she visited Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Guraya, Phagwada, Ambala, Kurukshetra, Panipat and Delhi.

… who stand by her though thin and thin


When Rahul Mahajan posted pictures of Radhe Maa wearing red hotpants and red knee-high boots, many in politics and in the film fraternity reached out to reiterate their belief in her.

Union minister of state for social justice and empowerment, Vijay Sampla said that the allegations against Radhe Maa lacked substance and people were free to follow their belief.

“She did not take any dowry during the marriage of her two sons and why should she ask any family to harass their daughter-in-law for dowry ,“ Sampla said, adding, “Both her daughters-in-law are living happily .“ Sampla, whose pictures with Radhe Maa had gone viral on social media, said she also happened to be a voter of his constituency Hoshiarpur.

Prominent adman Prahlad Kakkar tweeted, "Why should sadhus wear rags and dreadlocks? Radhe Maa’s style makes her unique". Dolly Bindra tweeted that there was nothing wrong in wearing a dress and getting clicked as looking pretty was every woman's right.

Rakhi Sawant wrote, "There is different aura around her, full of positive energy. I respect radhe Maa as she gives me strength."

However, Rishi Kapoor did not agree. He tweeted, ‘Make up, lipstick, eye shadow, jewellery et al. for discourses? Is that my friend [the overweight, loudly attirred] Bappi Lahiri without his glasses?’ He added, ‘Jaago India Jaago!Kamzori ka faida uthaya ja raha hai by these actors. I am too, but I entertain not deceive. Sochna!’

Renuka Deshpande (@PettingLeopards) added, ‘Evidence (tacky clothes, general hilarity) suggests that Radhe Maa is the Govinda of godwomen’ [Govinda was merely silly, not as tacky as Bappi Lahiri]

(DNA India)

Subhash Ghai photographed with Radhe Maa

While Radhe Maa was caught in controversy, several images of renowned filmmaker Subhash Ghai surfaced on social media. The showman of Bollywood was seen hugging the self-styled God woman. In his defence Subhash Ghai posted on social networking site Facebook, "Being the devotees of mata Vaishnu Devi Me n my wife mukta have been visiting Radhey Maa to take her blessings since last year at mata ki chowki at Borivali Bhuvan held by her old devotees. Even we held one mata ki chowki at our residence n invited her to bless us n other devotees. She had been very affectionate to both of us N treat us like her parents. We have never experienced any such kind of indecent act or atmosphere as being talked about in society today. We also came to know while meeting her that she is a normal sensitive married woman with two sons doing well n grand children n leads a normal social life as independent woman n in her Devi roop she loves bhajans n dances at times on those tracks in front of devotees and want devotees to treat her like a child. Her old devotees call her as ' gudia Devi Ma ' too while applauding her happy childish mood. She had told us that she goes abroad n loves shopping n moves around as a normal girl contrast to her attire as Devi Maa. We feel devotees believe in her n her blessing power strongly but surely we also felt that she could be misunderstood by her childish n contrast life in public. Hope she clarifies herself on this controversy soon. N God bless her." (The Times of India)

Sonu Nigam in soup over tweet on Radhe Maa

Singer Sonu Nigam wrote on Twitter, "Just my 2 pence. Kaali Maa is depicted in lesser clothes than Radhey Maa. Interesting that this country wants to sue a woman for her clothes." [sic]. While Sonu Nigam ranted about gender equality, he found himself in a legal soup. According to a report, complaints were submitted against him at Sakinaka and Samta Nagar police stations for the controversial tweets. He had further clarified his stand in an elaborate Facebook post. (The Times of India)

Maternal love or material love?

India TV's sting operation

[India TV's reporters Sarita Singh and Manish Kumar Singh ] secretly filmed Radhe Maa's luxurious life style in 2012. They reported:

“India TV …showed the elusive world of Radhe Maa that very few people have seen.

“Your eyes will be dazzled by the grandeur and luxury of the palace where the living goddess of Kalyuga resides.

“India TV reporters visited the multi-storey Gupta residence in Borivli where men and women sat in anticipation. The wall that made the back of the stage had pictures of Radhe Ma.

“There were two lounges, one for general public that had pedestal fans and the other well decorated air-conditioned room for VVIP devotees where actress Shamita Shetty was waiting with her mother for their turn.

“Radhe Ma sits on the fifth floor. The passage and hall that led to her had the appearance of a richly done pandal.

“Up, on the fifth floor, the deep maroon floor sparkled under the soft glow of focus lights. The corners of the waiting hall had faux pillars that were painted golden.

“At a lower floor in the building there was a sumptuous langar dinner. Devotees could choose between plain bottled water, soft drinks in cans and can even have poori-sabzi.

“It is said there is no distinction in God's house between rich and poor but it was clearly evident at her house.”

Indpaedia’s take: As long as Radhey Maa is paying all taxes that are due and doing nothing illegal, the lavishness of her lifestyle is between her devotees and her.

High jinks

On her birthday in 2013, Radhe Maa literally descended from above—in a hot-air balloon

Daily Bhaskar reported Radhe Maa’s 2013 birthday ‘darshan’ to her devotees thus:

“Radhe Maa… appeared before her devotees in an extravagant balloon at the Kora Kendra Hall in Borivali…. A huge white balloon appeared in the midst of air, which drove the crowd crazy as they cheered for her. The bottom panel of the balloon opened with fireworks and Radhe Maa was seen seated with a trident in her hand.

“The [then 47-year-old] spiritual guru dresses flamboyantly like a 25-year-old woman. She is always decked in gold jewellery like bangles, nose ring, tiara and at least seven gold rings on her fingers. Radhe Maa came under intense scrutiny of television channels and newspapers last year. Her penchant for wearing bridal finery, make-up and heavy jewellery and travelling in expensive cars drew flak from various quarters.”

Radhe Maa is a fan of Sunny Leone

The 32-year-old Kandivali woman, according to a report on Bollywoodlife.com, claims that Radhe Maa dances to Filmistan songs and is a fan of Sunny Leone. She also claimed to have seen her dancing on Sunny Leone's popular number dance 'Baby doll'. (The Times of India)


The main allegations

If Radhe does not dance, who will? Meeray?
Radhe Maa has been called the dancing guru, and her apologist Mr Gupta should celebrate this, not issue denials.

i) Claims to divinity/ sainthood/ magical powers

i a) Claiming to be a reincarnation of the deity Durga: This got so serious that Radhe Maa had to leave the Punjab. However, her principal promoter in Mumbai, Sanjeev Gupta, insists that Radhe Maa had never claimed to be a reincarnation of Goddess Durga. (Sanjeev Gupta is a Managing Trustee for the Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa Charitable Trust.)

i b) Exaltation in the rank of saints The Juna Akhara’s decision to declare Radhe Maa a Mahamandaleshwar was also criticized intensely. The mahamandaleshwar title is awarded to Hindu sanyasis organized into orders of sanyasis known as akharas. There were also accusations that the honour had been ‘bought’ by Radhe Maa. In response, the Juna Akhara established a five-member inquiry committee to investigate allegations raised against the guru. The committee declared cleared the guru of all charges in its findings declared on December 2012. (Daily Bhaskar)

i c) Magical powers Several actors in Bollywood, including Dolly Bindra, are devotees of Radhe Ma. They claim that Radhe Ma has magical powers. (Daily Bhaskar)

ii) Dancing at satsangs: Gupta wrote, “All this talk of Maa dancing at satsangs are motivated lies. There has never been an instance where she was lifted by a devotee and her devotees dance to the tunes of bhajans.”

With a nom de guerre like Radhe, taken after Radha the consort of Sri Krishn, dancing to ‘romantic-devotional’ music (expressing love for Sri Krishn), is part of the tradition. ‘Godwomen’ have not done it in the past because there have been very few godwomen, and even fewer who claimed spiritual affinity with Radha. If Radhe Maa’s devotees have no objection, nor should others.

However, this was enough to get Radhe Maa the sobriquet ‘the dancing god-woman.’

ii) Obscene behaviour: Advocate Falguni Brambhatt has filed a complaint of obscenity against Radhe Maa, on the ground that the god-woman reportedly allows her followers to kiss and hug her.

However, the Bombay high court observed that allegations made against self-styled spiritual leader Radhe Maa cannot be termed indecent behaviour.

Brahmbhatt's advocate Ashok Saraogi argued that the indecency claims should be seen in the context of religious gatherings in which the activities are done. “They call people for mata ki chowki where these things happen,“ he said. But the judges pointed out that the allegations state it happened inside a bungalow. (The Times of India)

Radhe Maa’s general image of a godwoman-going-hep prompted this remark on Twitter, ‘So the song "Kal Raat Mata Ka Mujhe, Email Aaya Hai Mata Ne Mujhko Facebook Pe Bulaya Hai" was written for Radhe Ma’ pic.twitter.com/4MVqbF5SHQ

iii) Banned from the Kumbh Mela, Nashik: Radhe Maa was denied entry to the Kumbh Mela in Nashik by the Dwarkapeeth Shankaracharya Swami Swarupanand. Mahant Gyandas, who is the president of Akhil Bharatiya Akhada Parishad said, "The entry of pretenders is rising in the sacred arena of sadhus and mahants. Trikal Bhavanta, Radhe Maa, and Sachchidananda, who is a liquor professional, should be restrained from participating in the 'shahi snan' (sacred bath)."

iv) Hot mama’s thunder thighs: ‘The Rahul Mahajan’ published three pictures of the attractive spiritual leader wearing a very short pink dress, pink knee-high boots and a modish pink beret. Loyalist Gupta wrote on social media that the exotic pictures of Radhe Maa had been morphed. Mahajan reiterated that the pictures were ‘100% real, bro.’ Apparently, Radhe Maa had decided to let her hair down (and hitch her skirt up) during a shopping expedition in Dubai.

While her clothes are her personal business, NowSlimmerThanBefore (@sidin) can not be blamed for tweeting, ‘Radhe Maa has very good skin.’

v) Radhe Maa was named in a complaint filed under the Dowry Prohibition Act by a 32-year-old woman from Kandivali. The complaint accused Radhe Maa of instigating the woman's in-laws and husband to harass her for dowry. The woman was quoted saying: “My husband and in-laws used to say I had not got enough jewellery and cash from my parents.” She also said that she had been tortured.

(Unless the lady from Kandivali has a tape recording or written evidence, this case will be hard to prove in a court of law.)

vi) Farmer suicides: On a more serious note, mid-day.com reported: 'Fooled Into Giving Radhe Maa Rs 1.5 cr, Four Farmers Killed Themselves.' The daily wrote:

‘A complaint filed in the Kandivli Police station yesterday alleged that Radhe and two of her accomplices [Sonal and Balaran Das] had fooled a farming family of seven [in Nigar Village in Kutch] in Gujarat by taking nearly Rs 1.5 crore from them to ensure that peace and prosperity reigned in their house.

‘Four of the farmers, who had paid the money over a period of time by selling off their lands, had committed suicide last year after realising that they had been fooled and had lost their money.

‘In the four-page complaint, filed by Ramesh Joshi, president of Dharm Rakshak Maha Manch, [Joshi] claimed that Radhe was making money by fooling innocent people into believing that she could turn around their lives and make them prosperous.’

vii) Fixing Radhe Maa: Indpaedia’s attitude towards most ‘godmen’ is a tolerant ‘it is between them and their followers:’ unless the godmen break the law (as some have done). Indpaedia’s volunteers had not heard of Radhe Maa till the ‘dowry’ allegation surfaced in mid-2015 and have no sympathy for her. However, Indpaedia volunteers who know a bit about the law wrote on this page that the dowry charge was not likely to stand judicial scrutiny.

The Times of India pointed out that ‘by definition, the section [498-A: dowry] stands for a woman being subjected to cruelty by her husband or a relative of the husband. Radhe Maa is neither.’

However, this report by Nitasha Natu and S Ahmed Ali of The Times of India raises suspicions that someone is out to get Radhe Maa: if one ridiculous allegation does not stand scrutiny, let us try something even stronger:

<<Investigators are exploring whether they can invoke provisions of the black magic law against Radhe Maa, as the present charge under the IPC's section 498-A [dowry] may not stick in court. The police say they also received two complaints against Radhe Maa that her acts exploit people's superstitions.

<<“We are examining the applicability of the black magic law,“ said Mumbai Police spokesperson DCP Dhananjay Kulkarni. The law in question is the Maharashtra Prevention t and Eradication of Human Sacrifice and other Inhuman, Evil and Aghori Practices and Black Magic Act.>>

It may be recalled that devotee Dolly Bindra has spoken of Radhe Maa’s knowledge of magic.

Dolly Bindra
‘According to Ibnlive.com Dolly Bindra has charged Radhe Maa with exploitation and encouraging sexual acts. The report stated that the Godwoman tried to exploit Bindra in her satsangs…’

viii) Sexual exploitation:

According to Ibnlive.com, devotee and former loyalist Dolly Bindra has charged Radhe Maa with allegations of exploitation and encouraging sexual acts. The report stated that the Godwoman tried to exploit Bindra in her satsangs and Radhe Maa's son tried to molest her in front of other followers. The TV star stated that such incidents were common in Radhe Maa's satsangs. Reportedly, Bindra has filed a complaint at the Mumbai Police station and has also named 20 people with the allegation. (The Times of India)

According to an ANI report Dolly Bindra wrote to the Mumbai Police Commissioner complaining that she has received threatening calls. She was quoted in the report saying, "I am getting life-threatening calls and I doubt on [Punjabilish for ‘suspect’] Radhe Maa, MM Gupta, and Asaram's followers over it. I have filed a complaint and the police will investigate the matter." (The Times of India)

Bigg Boss' ex-contestant, Dolly Bindra, a former follower of the Godwoman, has filed a police complaint against her in Mumbai alleging that Radhe Maa had forced her to take part in sexual activities during satsangs, claims a report on Hindustantimes.com.

Dolly has been quoted in the report as saying that Radhe Maa's followers had stripped her naked and assaulted her sexually in the worst manner. She even said that these activities had led her to puke. While Dolly does not have any substantial proof, she had claimed that Radhe Maa uses Punjabi cuss words while talking to her devotees. (The Times of India)

Radhe Maa’s reaction

Within days of Radhe Maa emerging from her niche of Filmistan- and- Phagwara and gaining national publicity, she became the butt of jokes: and caricatures.
Seen above are well-heeled North Indian housewives at a Radhe Maa-themed kitty party.

When quizzed by mediapersons, Radhe Maa reportedly broke down and said, “I don't want to say anything, God will do justice to me.”

A devotee wrote on his Facebook page: “[This sudden spurt of allegations] appear to be connected with a dispute between Shri Nakul Gupta and the extended Gupta joint family. Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa has no connection with the matter. Guru Maa has blessed us by sharing the Gupta family home for the last 12 years. For some reason the [newspaper] reports insist on calling the house an 'ashram'. We have firm faith in the courts and are certain that the truth will finally prevail.”

Gets fans in the Delhi Police into trouble/ 2017

Cops grounded for posing next to Radhe Maa |Oct 06 2017 : The Times of India (Delhi)

Radhe Maa sitting on the official chair of her fan, Sanjay Sharma, the head of the police station (SHO) at Vivek Vihar, Delhi, as he (centre) looks on with a beatific smile and hands folded reverently

Six policemen were grounded and an inquiry initiated against them after photos and videos of them standing next to controversial godwoman Sukhvinder Kaur alias Radhe Maa surfaced. The two incidents have been reported from two police stations in Shahdara district during Navratra.

In the first case, Vivek Vihar SHO, Sanjay Sharma, is seen standing next to Radhe Maa who is seated in his chair. There are rose petals strewn on the table. The SHO has a chunni (religious stole) draped around his shoulders and his hands are folded. Initially, Sharma was sent to the district lines, but in the evening he was suspended pending inquiry .

In the second case, the woman is seen with five policemen. One of the cops has a mike in his hand and is singing a patriotic song. They together yell “Bharat Mata Ki Jai“ at the end. The singing cop has been suspended and the others have been sent to police lines.

Calling these incidents unprofessional conduct, Delhi Police spokesperson Dependra Pathak said that an additional DCP rank officer has been assigned to conduct an inquiry into the incidents.

CCTV footage from the police station shows the SHO receiving the godwoman. In his defence, the SHO told his seniors that the woman wanted to use the washroom and he could not refuse.After that she came and sat on his chair. As there were dozens of followers with her, he decided to act tactfully and sent her out peacefully .

A few cops and some eyewitnesses have backed the SHO's version. They said he could not have evicted her forcefully as it could have resulted in ruckus in the festive environment.

Domestic violence case: Radhe Maa discharged/ 2022

Domestic violence case: Radhe Maa discharged

Mumbai : Eight years after she was booked in a domestic violence case, a sessions court discharged Radhe Maa observing that no domestic relationship existed between her and the alleged victim, reports Rebecca Samervel. The complainant, a now 38-year-old woman, had filed the complaint against Radhe Maa, her husband and five other family members in 2014. She had alleged her in-laws had abused her and demanded dowry at Radhe Maa’s behest.

Radhe Maa had moved the sessions court in 2017 after a magistrate’s court refused to drop her name from the proceedings. Setting aside the order, the sessions court recently said, “The…metropolitan magistrate…came to a wrong conclusion that the appellant original respondent number 7 (Radhe Maa) is covered under the definition of the respondent as defined in the DV (Domestic Violence) Act. . . I, therefore, hold that the appellant is not covered under the definition of the domestic relationship and the respondent. ”

In the male dominated world of spirituality

India Today, August 31, 2015

Veteran filmmaker Subhash Ghai believes that Maa is being "misunderstood" for her "happy childish moods": "Her old devotees call her Gudia (baby doll) Devi Ma".

If all the world's a stage, Mumbai's Walkeshwar Road is where all the action is right now. At one end of the tony, tree-lined street-one of India's most expensive-resides Lord Shiva in his 888-year-old temple. At the other end, there is the so-called 'Durga incarnate', Mamtamai Shri Radhe Guru Maa in her palatial mansion, the White House. But in a cynical, suspicious world, the lines are getting blurred between the mythic and myth-making: is she, or is she not, an avatar, playing hide-and-seek with mere mortals?

But #RadheMaa is trending on social media. Television cameras are tracking her relentlessly. Reporters are stalking her with a new purpose. A Pandora's box of toxic allegations are out: housewife Nikki Gupta alleges dowry harassment and torture; Sussex-educated lawyer Falguni Brahmbhatt has lodged a PIL for obscenity; advocate Ashok Rajput has filed a complaint for spreading superstition and black magic; Himachal priest Mahant Shyam Sundar Das is pointing a finger for financial irregularities, land grabbing and murder of her own guru, Ramadhin; the family of Maa's late sister-in-law has accused her of abetment to suicide and of life threats to them. There is also the old allegation of big-money corruption from the past: how she had become the first woman in the last 1,200 years to be the mahamandaleshwar (chief guardian) of the powerful Hindu akhara, Juna, in 2012. Thrown out within days, the allegations against her by the akhara committee remain: she bribed her way to the top, had not taken 'sanyas' or renounced past life through pinda daan, has no knowledge of scriptures, and has not given up family life. What's more, her guru was a Vaishnavite while the Juna akhara worships Shiva.

It all began with Rahul Mahajan, son of late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan. On August 5, he went on Twitter with a "Guess who ????" and three pictures of Radhe Maa lolling around in a pink miniskirt, boots, beret and plastic bridal bangles upto her elbows. Ever since, the nation has been obsessing over her. Did she also get her first taste of power in the male-dominated world of spirituality? She did start dressing up in finery and calling herself a goddess from around this time. With some Hindu organisations objecting to her 'audacity', Sukhwinder moved to Delhi and finally to Mumbai. That was around 2003. How she met members of the Gupta family, owners of the 68-year-old confectionery, M.M. Mithaiwala, and impressed them enough to get refuge in their Borivali home are again questions that remain unanswered. But for the last 12 years, the Maa-Mithaiwala union has worked, with both experiencing "tremendous growth by the grace of God". Meantime, Maa is quietly getting angry. Earlier, she would use her mini-trishul to surreptitiously comb her billowing hair during public events. But now she is threatening to destroy this hapless world with the swing of her trident: "Mera trishul hilega to duniya hil jayegi" (If my trishul moves, the world will be shaken). She is particularly angry with journalists, or "totalog" (parrot people). Beware of the fury of the devi.

Radhe Maa jokes

Asaram Bapu [a ‘godman’ accused of serious crimes] has refused to appeal for bail after hearing Radhe Maa might be coming to jail!

Audio-recordings of a vulnerable woman

Surinder Mittal, the hunk from Phagwara who gets late night calls from pretty women, keeps audio-recording equipment ready at 3 am, and then, like the perfect gentleman that he is, releases the recordings to TV news channels

Among the many jokes doing the rounds on the internet about Radhe Maa, there is an audio recording of a conversation between Surinder Mittal, the man who circulated that recording, and a lady. Mr. Mittal says that the lady is Radhe Maa. Whoever the lady is, the picture that emerges is that of an insecure woman, hungry for friendship, a woman to be sympathised with rather than ridiculed. the conversation is in Hindi, spoken with a crude, unrefined Punjabi accent.

Who is Surinder Mittal?

He seems to be a feisty person who takes his battles to TV News Channels.

i) In 2013 Phagwara-based businessman Surinder Mittal served a notice for recovery of damage and compensation to the tune of Rs 1 crore on the Punjab chief secretary, Kapurthala deputy commissioner, passport officer, regional passport office, Chandigarh and five others for registering a false case against him in 2009.

His advocate said that a false FIR had been registered against Mittal in January 2009, on a complaint from (a lady called) Sandeep Kaur. The notice said that Rakesh Aggarwal, the then SSP, being a close relative of Mittal, nursed a grudge against him and had accordingly registered a false and frivolous case against Mittal. The advocate claimed that Mittal had been acquitted of the charges. (From Hindustan Times

ii) From his Twitter page it seems that apart from trying to obtain ‘news and evidence against’ Radhe Maa, MrMittal has an ongoing campaign against the aforesaid Rakesh Aggarwal, IPS, about whom he appealed to ABP News TV: ‘Sir I am victim of Rakesh Aggarwal… Kindly provide me justice’

iii) Germane to Indpaedia’s page about Radhe Maa is that Mr Mittal, being a perfect gentleman, ‘recorded his telephonic conversation[s] with Radhe Maa and provided these to TV channels’ Indian Express

YouTube, on which one of the aforementioned audio recordings can be heard, is one of the many media outlets that describe Mr Mittal as a ‘Former Office Bearer of Vishwa Hindu Parishad’

India TV News has a long (but perhaps edited) Hindi transcript of some of these conversations. Its disclaimer reads: ‘Please note India TV does not vouch for the authenticity of the audio clip. It’s Surinder Mittal who claims it to be voice of Radhe Maa.’

As far as Indpaedia is concerned, this could be one of Radhe Maa jokes doing the rounds.

The following is a complete English translation of the transcripts.

SURINDER MITTAL: Why are you calling me at 3 o’ clock in the night?

LADY: Because We are awake at night … [This lady addresses herself with a Royal We at least to begin with]


Lady: We stay up at night; We are a night bird.

SURINDER MITTAL: Night Bird? Then why wake me up?

LADY: To hear your caller tune

SURINDER MITTAL: If you like that nice caller tune so much, you can feed it into your (cell phone)

LADY: All right, I will feed it right away.



SURINDER MITTAL: Then feed it and do not keep disturbing me.

LADY: All right, sorry, We will not disturb in the future.

SURINDER MITTAL: No, no. This is the caller … Devotees of God do not call at 3 o'clock at night to hear caller tunes.

LADY: What?

SURINDER MITTAL: Devotees of God do not call at 3 o'clock at night to hear caller tunes.

LADY: I am a devotee of the Lord. It was the Mother's jãgran [all night prayer] tonight [Which is why she got free so late at night]

SURINDER MITTAL: So you conduct the Mother's jãgran, but also manage to think of the caller tune. Very Good

LADY: Yes (in English), because, look, music is an art

LADY: We are [I am] not crazy, brother, Our mind has gone bad (Song)

LADY: Because, look, because We are mad(ly obssessed) with the desire to stay [live] with you… look, the mad tend to find only other mad people… you are mad… We are [I am] mad…. [we are] a clutch of mad people…the [female] companion of mad people… Ha! Ha!


LADY: You are crazy, We are crazy, Both of us mad persons look alike.


LADY: You know, all the people of the world are eager to hear The Voice, but you… you

SURINDER MITTAL: That is why you have stopped speaking in front of them. Why have you stopped your ranting in front of them?

LADY: Yes, because they are crazy [desperate, eager] to hear my voice… you're crazy anyway …and you are talking to a mad person

SURINDER MITTAL: See how unfortunate those people are, they don’t get to hear Her voice

LADY: …and how fortunate you are that the mad … you are crazy … you are crazy

SURINDER MITTAL: Me…do you really…? Look at me. You are hearing [my] voice but I am not listening. You are truly unlucky ..

LADY: You are crazy … you are crazy… crazy

SURINDER MITTAL: ha ha ha ha .. (laughs)

LADY: I love you because you're mad ... love has happened (singing)

LADY: Because Lord Krishn said, ‘O Arjun, even if thou hast cast a stone…even if you whack people with sandals, no matter what you do, [the fact is that] you love me alone’ [Now she seems to be talking about herself and Mittal] I never leave your heart and soul because you love [in English] me.

SURINDER MITTAL: Yes, this is true.

LADY: Because my devotees, they forget me after a while. But you look at my photo twenty times every day and night


LADY: Because you love me

SURINDER MITTAL: Yes, I look at your photo ten or twenty times... Which one?

Lady:... Guess? Guess? (English) My photo on YouTube

SURINDER MITTAL: Well, but I have not seen the photo on YouTube… this photo [that is] somewhere on YouTube

LADY: No, you see my photo ten or twelve times every day because you love me

SURINDER MITTAL: Yes. You are so Knowledgeable [sarcastic reference to her supposed knowledge of religion]. Very good. So true

LADY: Yes, of course [English]


LADY: Because no one [does ‘sal’ to me] more than you do, because I do not ever leave your heart and mind


LADY: I leave the [minds of] others ..


Radhe Maa: Now because you [think of] me, I am obliged to call you .. [‘Think of me’ has the tones of a devotee thinking of, meditating upon a deity.]

SURINDER MITTAL: Absolutely right

LADY: I am free only at night because someone or the other is always with me during the day ..


LADY: After all, I cannot tell the others that you hate me so much..

SURINDER MITTAL: Why? Why? Do tell...

LADY: You love me

SURINDER MITTAL: Then tell everyone, tell everyone

LADY: Because I know that, ultimately [in English; she means: ‘I know that, all said and done’], you worship me and you will come to me alone. [That is,] if I am not able to insult you

SURINDER MITTAL: No, no... should not insult

(At this point in the transcript, India TV wrote: Surinder Mittal claims that Radhe Ma first offered him money to keep his mouth shut and then threatened him.)

SURINDER MITTAL: No, I am very bad [In Hindi and English]

LADY: So nice [English]...

SURINDER MITTAL: I Am Very Bad [English].

LADY: I’m so kind, so cute, so nice, so special and you are my lifeline [English].

SURINDER MITTAL: All right, tell me something, why do you keep calling me repeatedly?

LADY: Just because I love you, I like you very much.

SURINDER MITTAL: Only a moment ago you said that I am bad, now you say you like me. I can't figure you out.

LADY: No, you're good. Because you make me realise [Eng] that I am not good, that I am bad..


LADY: What you are planning to do tomorrow, do it today itself.


LADY: Hurry, please hurry (Do it quickly)...

SURINDER MITTAL: I will. Why are you getting panicky/ nervous? Why do you keep calling me? Are you threatening me?

LADY: Why should I threaten you? Only blackmailers threaten people

SURINDER MITTAL: But you are blackmailing. So that I [agree to] share your impure (ill-gotten) wealth.

LADY: It is you who earn impure money.

SURINDER MITTAL: No, it is you who does such things. I have several ‘recordings’ of you. I will make people hear on TV the things that you have said. You watch out. ... I can’t be bothered to kick my shoes on the money earned by a woman like you ..

LADY: You will take what you want to. I know that. I will blackmail you into paying up. I won't take the money the straight, simple way.

LADY: No problem. I am a thief I am a beggar... I am poor ... I do not deny that I am a beggar

LADY: I wash dishes in the houses of other people to feed myself. I wander from house to house, begging …. I wander from house to house, begging ….


LADY: So I wander. The status that God decided for me, I keep to that status


LADY: The people of Phagwara threw me out of the town by hitting me with stones, hitting me with shoes. No Problem.(English).


LADY: I am happy to obey the Will of God ... He plays games with me because I love Him ...


LADY: I will accept every command [of God]. If you, too, are calling me tum [the rude ‘tu’ of many European languages], it is no fault of yours

SURINDER MITTAL: You (tu) are only fit to be called ‘tum’... What is all this nonsense of being a Mata (mother goddess) above me?

LADY: Yes, even I do not believe that I am a Mata (mother goddess). I am a poor person.

SURINDER MITTAL: Yes, that is another powerful gimmick (nautanki). You are a theatrical con (dramébãz).

LADY: Yes, a gimmicky person like I... a poor person like I... a poor beggar like I... there is absolutely no one who is as sad as I am

LADY: Look, it all belongs to God...

SURINDER MITTAL: It is certainly not yours. You rob people ... Keep giving it all away to the people…

LADY: No one has the auqãt (status) to give anything to me [Meaning: No one is high enough to be able to give anything to someone as high as I.]


LADY: Everything is [where it is because of] God’s kindness... Whoever the Lord God showers his favours on ...This enables them to give to others… No one is high enough, no one has the guts to say anything [that is arrogant] in front of me... That I have given her [Radhe Maa] this or that. It is so because it all belongs to the Lord ... People give the Lord money that belongs to the Lord ... People who earn Rs 40 lakh a month ... even they place offerings at my auspicious feet (charan)… because they have worked hard...

SURINDER MITTAL: Absolutely, absolutely, because they have worked too hard ... You are absolutely right...

LADY: Hard, I have also worked very hard ...Sitting erect for eight hours at a time…I have taxed my back (kamar literally means ‘waist’) for eight hours at a time … Let me see you sit like that for such long periods.

SURINDER MITTAL: I sit ... I sit ... don’t you worry ... I too sit ...

LADY: Wow! .You’ve worked so hard.. ha ha ha ha ha ha ....

SURINDER MITTAL: Frivolous nonsense! Don’t talk frivolous nonsense. Do you understand?

LADY: But I will talk like that... Monkey-Monkey, Monkey, Monkey, Monkey ... See how irritated Mr. Monkey-Monkey must be getting ...

SURINDER MITTAL: I am enjoying it all. Your devotees are so stupid that they worship you in this manner ...

LADY: I Am Pure and Pious. I Am Pure and Pious.... I am a Mother [to my flock]

SURINDER MITTAL: Wow! Pure and Pious! Now that is something!

LADY: I don’t speak. I don’t feel like (doing it).


LADY: Listen, listen! It’s like this......Yes, then what should We say? [After lapsing into ‘I’ for a long while, she has reverted to the Royal We.]

SURINDER MITTAL: I don’t need to understand it. (Because) I know. ... I am asking you. Listen. Listen to me. Why don’t you (tu ) deliver sermons to your devotees? Sermonise to your devotees

LADY: My heart does not allow me to (I don’t feel like doing so)


LADY: Because there are so many people ... there are two or even two and a half thousand people at a time... I don’t know how to speak ... I'm shy by nature [English]... I start blushing [I get bashful]...

SURINDER MITTAL: Oye Hoye! [taunting her]... How true! She is so bashful by nature

LADY: I swear by you. I swear by God.

SURINDER MITTAL: Don’t! Don’t! I know everything... You had gone to your sister in law’s [brother’s wife’s] village to work your black magic there.

LADY: Yes! Black magic… then surely the [people of the] world would have beaten me up ... [Had I known black magic, would I have let] everybody beat me up?


LADY: I do not get beaten by the likes of you


LADY: Had I known black magic I would not have been beaten [now she means ‘defeated’] by the likes of you. All right…the likes of you

LADY: What wrong have I done? Tell me. What sin have I committed? ..

SURINDER MITTAL: None (sarcastically). You have committed no sin.

LADY: What harm have I caused you?

SURINDER MITTAL: Who says that you have done anything wrong? You are a very good woman.

LADY: No, no! What harm have I caused? All my in-laws bow their heads before me [place their foreheads on the ground in front of my feet]. My husband [English] prostrates himself before me. The whole town prostrates itself before me. The guru respects me.

SURINDER MITTAL: Even the guru prostrates himself before you?

LADY: Yes. See my [video] recording ... Come and see it

SURINDER MITTAL: No. Why do I need to come and see it?

LADY: Then why do you say that I am bad? Tell me, what evil have I done?

SURINDER MITTAL: Na na! (No, no) No one says you are bad. You are very good

LADY: What wrong have I done?

SURINDER MITTAL: The Mother Goddess is watching everything ... The Mother Goddess will do justice. Don’t worry.

SURINDER MITTAL: As I said, the Mother Goddess will mete out justice to you. Don’t worry.

LADY: I say with a challenge [English] that even the high and mighty that came up to me could cause me no harm. As they say, Those whom God protects…

SURINDER MITTAL: Listen, listen, these verses are known even to me ... This arrogance…Listen… This arrogance

LADY: I place a curse on you [Only deities and highly evolved holy men of ancient India knew how to place the kind of curse she mentions.]

SURINDER MITTAL: May I smite your face [a Punjabi bad word normally used by old women], o monkey woman. Do you have it in you to place [a divine] curse on me? Do you have the powers to do so? The Mother Goddess [who has this power] will place [a divine] curse on you. You know exactly what I mean. Your condition in the eyes of the people…Your fate will be worse than that of Asaram Bapu [the aforementioned religious leader who is in jail]... I am telling you in advance. Note these words of mine…

LADY: Today I will do to you…

SURINDER MITTAL: (Interrupts her) Get lost. You are incapable to placing a curse on me. You do not have the powers needed to so. You have no powers. You are incapable of speaking before an audience. And then you pretend to be a Holy Mother. Get lost.

Filmistan and Radhe Maa

2017: acts in a web series

Neha Maheshwri | Radhe Maa to make acting debut with web series| May 17, 2017 | IndiaTimes/ The Times of India

Radhe Maa, the controversial godwoman, is all set to enter showbiz with a web series titled 'No Casting No Couch Only Ouch?' She will play herself and will be portrayed as the guiding light of the protagonist.

Is this Radhe Maa's attempt to establish a clean image after her brush with several controversies in the recent past? Producer Ramman Handa replies, "It is actually a way to make people meet the real Radhe Maa. To me, her name means 'Rah De Maa', which means, 'Show us the way, mother'. And that is what

The shoot happened at the godwoman's plush bungalow. The producer says that Radhe Maa was comfortable in front of the camera. "She was spontaneous and co-operative. It was easy because she was playing herself. The result has turned out to be good," he signs off.

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