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Pickles: Indian cuisine

Exclusive Indian pickle recipes

The Times of India

Indian pickle

Gujrati gor keri pickle


I kg raw mangoes peeled and cut into small pieces 150 gms deseeded gunda mangoes 150 gms rai kuriya (split mustard seeds) 1 tbsp turmeric 1½ tbsp salt 3 tbsp chilli powder 2.25 kgs jaggery 4 tbsp dhaniya kuria (split coriander seeds) 150 gms dry dates Tempering: 2 tbsp asafoetida 100 gms oil


Add salt and turmeric to the chopped mangoes and mix well. Close in an air tight jar and keep aside for 12 hours.drain the water and set aside. To this water, add dried chillies and gunda mangoes, mix well and keep aside for a few minutes. Drain and keep the mix aside. Spread mango pieces on a damp cloth and leave it to dry for an hour.

Once dried, place in a ceramic container, and add grated jaggery, dried chillies and gunda mix and other spices. Heat oil in a pan and temper with asafoetida, add this to the jar and tie the mouth with a muslin cloth. Keep it in the sun for a day and serve with khakra. (Recipe by Kusum Mehta, homemaker)

Bengali mishti aam er achaar


4 raw mangoes 1tsp salt 1 tsp turmeric powder ½tsp choon or katha (calcium hydroxide helps dry mangoes) For the panch phoron: 1tsp jeera seeds (cumin seeds) 1tsp mustard seeds 1 tsp fennel or mori seeds 1 tsp kalonji seeds 1 tsp black jeera seeds For the tadka ½ cup mustard oil 12 dry red chillies ¾ cup jaggery (grated) 1 tbsp roasted cumin powder

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