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The Times of India, Jun 17 2016

Sharma Seema

Nearly 98% of perfumes adulterated

 This may not come as a good news for perfume lovers. Experts at a workshop on essential oils, perfumery and aromatherapy , organised by the Forest Research Institute (FRI), claimed that almost all perfumes and essential aroma oils in the country are adulterated and “mixed with inferior quality ingredients brought in from China.“ At the workshop, Ajay Gupta, scientist at Jammubased Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine which focuses on research on drug discovery from natural products, lamented the rampant adulteration prevalent in the perfumery business.

“Almost 98% of essential oils and perfumes are adulterated with cheap, synthetic Chinese ingredients. This is primarily done to bring down the prices of the essential oils which would otherwise be exorbitantly priced and beyond the reach of many consumers,“ he said.

Illustrating his point, Gupta said a litre of pure rose oil would cost Rs 5 lakh. However, the adulterated variety costs only a few hundred rupees and much of what was available in the market was that variety .

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