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This is a collection of articles, mainly from the Delhi- based press.
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November as a whole

Maximum temperature/ Warm Novembers


Average maximum temperature

29. 6 degrees Celsius 2016 November

28. 8 degrees Celsius 2022 Nov

28. 1 degrees Celsius in 2019

28. 5 degrees Celsius in 2018

27. 9 degrees Celsius in 2020

27. 9 degrees Celsius in 2017

27. 8 degrees Celsius in 2021

Average minimum temperature

12. 3 degrees Celsius Nov 2022

Minimum temperature/ Cold Novembers


Lowest minimum temperature

9.6 degrees Celsius: 1967, November 15

13.3 degrees Celsius: 2012 November 21

13.9 degrees Celsius/ 2022 November 21, Bengaluru City station: This was the lowest mercury reported in November in a decade. 14.7 degree Celsius at Bengaluru International Airport, and at HAL airport station it was as low as 12.5 degrees Celsius./ The maximum temperature reached 25.2 degrees Celsius


The Lowest minimum temperature recorded in November, 2010-20
From: Priyangi Agarwal, November 21, 2020: The Times of India
When minimum temperature was lesser than 6.3 degrees Celsius in November in Delhi- NCR
From: Priyangi Agarwal, November 24, 2020: The Times of India
Lowest minimum temperature in November, 2010-2020
From: Priyangi Agarwal, November 23, 2020: The Times of India

See graphics:

The Lowest minimum temperature recorded in November, 2010-20

When minimum temperature was lesser than 6.3 degrees Celsius in November in Delhi/ NCR

Lowest minimum temperature in November, 2010-2020

Average minimum temperature for November in Delhi: 12.9°C

Lowest minimum temperature recorded in any November:

6.6°C 2003, November 30

6.9°C 2020, Nov 22

7.3°C 2006, November 29

7.5°C 2020, Nov 20

7.6°C 2017 November.

6.3°C 2020 Nov 22

6.1°C 2003 November 29

10.5 degrees Celsius: November 8, 2018.

10.8 degrees Celsius: Nov 2, 2020

11.4 degrees Celsius November 2019 was recorded in the third week of the month


Lowest minimum temperature

17 degrees Celsius Mumbai November 21, 2022

18 degrees Celsius: 2017 (presumably in November)


Lowest minimum temperature

7.9 degrees Celsius In Pune in 2012

8.8 degrees Celsius: Pune’s Shiva jinagar on November 21, 2022 which was the 2nd coldest night temperature in a decade in the month of November..

Mean minimum temperature,

Delhi, 1930- 2020

Priyangi Agarwal, December 1, 2020: The Times of India

Lowest Mean minimum temperatures in Delhi in November, 1930-2020
From: Priyangi Agarwal, December 1, 2020: The Times of India

This November, Delhiites experienced the coldest nights in any November month since India became a Republic in 1950. The month’s mean minimum temperature, 10.2 degrees Celsius at Safdarjung, equalled the lowest post-1947 mean for November recorded in 1949.

The last time Delhi had seen colder nights/early mornings during November was way back in 1938, when the mean minimum was 9.6 degrees Celsius. The mean minimum is the average of the daily minimum temperatures recorded during a month. The normal mean miminum for November is 12.9 degrees C.

There were as many as four cold wave days in the month, the highest for November in at least four decades. Met officials said cloudless skies, chilly northerly winds in the second half of the month as well as larger global influences such as La Nina conditions in the Pacific all played a part in making it an exceptionally cold month.

A met official said while nights have been unusually cold, days were warm. The average maximum temperature in November was 27.9 degrees C, close to the normal of 28.2 degrees. In November, the city received very light rain on just one day, November 16.


Snowfall in Kashmir, HP, Uttarakhand/ 2019

This was the season’s second, not first, snowfall in Kashmir, HP, Uttarakhand/ 2019. It was the first in Srinagar city. Srinagar recorded 1 foot of snow, while Gulmarg and Pahalgam recorded 2 feet.
From: Nov 8, 2019: The Times of India

See graphic:

This was the season’s second, not first, snowfall in Kashmir, HP, Uttarakhand/ 2019. It was the first in Srinagar city. Srinagar recorded 1 foot of snow, while Gulmarg and Pahalgam recorded 2 feet.

Weather (general)


Temperatures, 1938, 2001, 2010-18

Jasjeev Gandhiok, Nov 25, 2019: The Times of India

Minimum and maximum Temperatures in Delhi, 1938, 2001, 2010-18

Minimum temperatures are set to rise over the next few days [in 2019] under the influence of a western disturbance that may also bring a spell of light rain in Delhi on November 26 and 27. This means that you may have to wait a bit longer for the chill to set in.

Delhi recorded its lowest temperature this season [in 2019] at 11.4 degrees Celsius on November 20. However, it was unlikely to go below that mark this November, Met officials said. Historical data show Delhi generally tends to go below 10 degrees Celsius in November, touching as low as 7.6 degrees Celsius on November 24, 2017. Since 2010, it hasn’t gone below that mark only thrice — in 2018, 2015 and 2011. Met officials said a delayed monsoon this year had also affected the weather pattern. But Delhi was not witnessing any abnormal spell, they added.

“We generally see a drop in the temperatures by the end of November. The mercury dips to 10 degrees or even further by the end of the month. This year, we have seen a few spells of western disturbances influencing the region and leading to a rise in the temperatures. One such spell is expected in the coming days, which will bring rain and a rise in temperatures too,” a Met official said.

In terms of the maximum temperatures, the highest recorded this month was 32.3 degrees Celsius on November 6. This is the second highest in November since 2011, when it was 32.6 degrees Celsius. Historically, the highest maximum recorded in the month was 36.1 degrees in 2001, while the lowest was 3.9 degrees Celsius in 1938.

On 24 Nov 2019, Delhi’s maximum temperature was 26.8 degrees Celsius, while the minimum temperature was recorded at 15.3 degrees.

Kuldeep Srivastava, scientist at IMD, said wind speeds tend to increase when a western disturbance withdraws from an area. On November 26, the increased moisture is likely to bring a spell of very light rain, while another is forecast for November 27. “We will not see any deterioration in the air quality despite the increase in moisture due to the rain as wind speeds will remain good and disperse pollutants. Temperatures, however, are expected to remain between 13 and 15 degrees Celsius and the minimum is expected to fall below 10 degrees Celsius by December only,” Srivastava said.




Highest rain in a single day for November

452.2mm in 1976

246.15mm in 2015.

180.2mm in 2018

1st November

Kargil, minus 5.2°C, 2013

Minus 5.2 degrees: Kargil recorded season's lowest temperature today

2nd November

3rd November

Srinagar, snowfall, 2018

2018 Srinagar gets rare November snowfall

Saleem Pandit TNN


Srinagar received its first snowfall of the season on Saturday, causing disturbances in road and air connectivity. According to the meteorological department, this was the first time since 2009 that Srinagar city witnessed snowfall in November.

The higher reaches of J&K, including tourist destinations Gulmarg, Sonamarg and Pahalgam, have been experiencing snow since Friday but it is unusual for the plains to witness such an early onset of snowfall.

Mercury level dipped considerably with the city recording a minimum temperature of minus 1 degree Celsius. The 434-km Srinagar-Leh highway remained closed due to the heavy snowfall for the third consecutive day at Zojilla pass.

4th November

Chennai, 74% of NE monsoon rains in 8 days, 2017

Nov 04 2017 | The Times of India (Delhi)

74% of NE monsoon rains in 8 days sinks Chennai, kills 12

Rain continued to come down in sheets till late Friday night in Chennai, taking the death toll from the northeast monsoon to 12 so far, and the city's total rainfall to close to three-fourths of the average for a season that has just got started.

The city had by 8.30am on Friday -mostly from a mere eight days since the northeast monsoon set in on October 27 -already recorded 554.2mm of rainfall this year, or 74% of the long-term average of 750mm it receives annually in the rainy season, which the IMD calculates between October 1 and December 15. Chennai had till Friday recorded 441.3mm of rainfall (58.84% of the seasonal average) from the northeast monsoon, Met office data showed.

Nov 3's was Chennai's third-highest rain in a single day for November

Thursday's rain continued on Friday evening after a brief break, leaving the city precariously placed. Several localities reported flooding, especially of interior roads, and the showers hit traffic for a second straight day . Most districts have re corded more than average rainfall for the season so far, the Met office said.

Water levels in temple tanks have started rising after monsoon hit Chennai and its neighbouring districts. A poor monsoon 2016 had left several temple tanks parched, and water in them has been met with enthusiasm among residents, as it also helps recharge groundwater levels.

5th November

6th November

7th November

8th November

9th November

10th November

11th November

12th November

13th November

14th November

15th November

16th November

17th November

18th November

19th November

20th November

21st November


The coldest November in years in Karnataka, MP and Maharashtra. Colder than usual elsewhere


8.9 degrees Celsius, three notches below normal

Himachal Pradesh

Shimla 11 degrees

Jammu and Kashmir

Minimum temperatures dropped to minus at several places.

Banihal 9.2 degrees Celsius

Gulmarg minus -0.49 degrees Celsius

Jammu 11 degrees Celsius.

Pahalgam minus -3.2 degrees Celsius

Samba 8.8 degrees Celsius

Srinagar 1.4 degrees Celsius


Bengaluru has recorded its lowest temperature in a decade.Bengaluru woke up to its coldest day in November in a decade.

Bidar city: 8.5 degrees Celsius November 20, 2022

Madhya Pradesh

The IMD notified a cold wave alert in five districts of Madhya Pradesh including Betul, Khandwa, Khargone, Chattarpur and Jabalpur: on 21 Nov 2022.

Betul of Chhattarpur district 8°C

Khajuraho of Chhattarpur district. 8°C

Malajkhand in Balaghat, 8°C

Umaria, 8°C


Jalgaon remained the coldest place in the state with the minimum temperature at 8.2 degrees Celsius.

Mumbai saw a dip in mercury below 20 degrees for a second time in two weeks this month


Fatehpur (Sikar district): 6 degrees Celsius: it remained the coldest region in the state

6.4 degrees Celsius in Churu,

7.1 degrees in Chittorgarh

9°C Nagaur

9°C Bhilwara.

22nd November

23rd November

24th November

Delhi: 26.5°C/ 7.6°C, 2017

Amit.Bhattacharya The Times of India 25 Nov 2017

At 7.6°C, capital gets coldest November morning in 11 years

New Delhi: Delhiites woke up to the coldest November morning in 11years, with the city’s main weather station recording a minimum temperature of 7.6 degrees Celsius, a sharp two-degree drop from the previous day.

The last time Delhi saw a colder day in November was in 2006, when the Safdarjung station had recorded 7.3 degrees C. Wednesday’s minimum was four degrees less than normal.

The Met office said the morning chill was caused by a pick-up in cold northwesterly winds, combined with clear conditions. “These winds are bringing in the cold from J&K and Himachal Pradesh which have seen snowfall recently. The wind speeds picked up last night, reaching up to 15kmph,” said Kuldeep Srivastava, senior scientist at IMD’s Regional Weather Forecasting Centre.

A cold wave is declared when the minimum temperature is at least 4.4 degrees below normal.

The maximum temperature on Friday was 26.5 degrees C, which is normal for this time of the year. There was an almost 19-degree difference in day and night temperatures, which is typical during clear conditions in winter.

Minimum temperatures, on the other hand, have been steadily falling over the past few days. The minimum on 21 Nov was 10.2 degrees C, nearly four degrees above Friday’s reading. This fall has come in the wake of a WD passing through the region.

WDs are weather disturbances that bring cold, and usually moist, winds from southern Europe and west Asia into north India. These disturbances regulate winter weather in northern India, bringing snow to the western Himalayas and, at times, wet spells in the northern plains.

25th November

Delhi: min 10.4°C, 2018

2018 Delhi The capital recorded its coldest morning of the season so far on Sunday with a minimum temperature of 10.4 degrees Celsius — one degree below normal for this time of the season

26th November

27th November

28th November

29th November

30th November

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