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Covering girls’ faces

Banned in 2019

May 3, 2019: The Times of India

Muslim edu body bans veils in institutes


Kerala’s Muslim Educational Society (MES), which controls a total of 150 educational institutions, has banned “any dress that covers the face” for girls on all the campuses it runs.

Though the MES circular avoids the word “niqab” (the veil that Muslim women wear for religious reasons), in effect it prohibits veils of any kind. “The MES will not encourage any type of veils on its campus... Managers of each MES institution will have to ensure that girl students do not come to the campus with their faces covered. They are hereby asked to include this as a rule on the campus from academic year 2019-20,” says the circular issued by MES state president Fazal Gafoor on April 19 this year.

The institutions that MES controls include 10 professional colleges, 18 arts and science colleges, 12 higher secondary and 36 CBSE-affiliated schools.

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