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Miss Shillong 2006 Kyntiewlin Rapthap
Miss Shillong 2009 Welbina Richil Marak , flanked by Nivedita Nimesh and Meena Jyala
Photo Eastern Panorama
Miss Shillong 2011 Rudy Marak Photo WaywardProduction
Miss Shillong 2011 Rudy Marak Photo WaywardProduction
Rudy Marak
Photo: Jeremy Hauhnar
Miss Shillong 2012: . L-R: Pallavi Dey, Donna Wanda Mary Khyriem, Beauty Mourn Synnah
Picture by Meghalaya Times
Miss Shillong 2013 L-R: Sneha Biswas, Suman Lyngdoh and Vandana Borkataki
Miss Shillong finalists 2013
Ibapynkmenlang Lyngdoh
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Organisers: Fashion Society Shillong (FSS).

The Miss Shillong beauty pageant was established in 1987-88 and is one of the oldest beauty pageants in north east India.

Miss Shillong 2006

Miss Shillong 2006 Kyntiewlin Rapthap

Miss Shillong 2009

That evening…

Organisers: The Fashion Society of Shillong in collaboration with the Department of Tourism

Venue: U Soso Tham Auditorium.

The queens

Miss Shillong 2009: Welbina Richil Marak first runners up: Nivedita Nimesh second runner up: Meena Jyala.

Miss Shillong 2011

Miss Shillong 2011 Rudy Marak

Rudy went on to win the Eclectic Model Hunt 2012

Miss Shillong 2012

That evening in October…

Venue: State Central Library

Date: 27 Oct, 2012

The queens

Miss Shillong 2012 Donna Wanda Mary Khyriem

first runner-up Beauty Mourn Synnah

second runner-up Pallavi Dey

Miss Shillong 2013

That October evening...

Venue U Soso Tham auditorium

Date October 19, 2013

In 2013, Oh Meghalaya had ruefully noted, ‘The Miss Shillong beauty pageant this time saw fewer crowds compared to earlier years when the auditorium used to be jam packed with people waiting outside to get a chance to have a glimpse of the show. The agitations that have rocked Meghalaya must have taken a toll on the Miss Shillong beauty contest too.’


Miss Shillong: the crown and Rs One lakh,

First runner up Rs 50,000

Second runner-up Rs 30,000

All three got gift hampers.

The queens

Miss Shillong 2013: Suman Lyngdoh (born 1989). Suman Lyngdoh is a fashion designer. On Oct 19 she bagged as many as five sub titles.

First runner-up Sneha Biswas,

Second runner-up Vandana Borkataki..

Third runner up: Ibapynkmenlang Lyngdoh.

Sub titles

Queen of Hearts, Miss Catwalk, Miss Spontaneity, Miss Poise and Best Traditional Attires: Suman Lyngdoh

Miss Role Model and Miss Personality– Crystal Saxena,

Sparkling Eyes and Silky Skin – Sneha Biswas,

Photogenic – Ibapynkmenlang Lyngdoh,

Dazzling Smile – Sara Mynsong,

Beautiful Hair – Nenem Sauntak.

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