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2010-14: Indian crew kidnapped by Somalian pirates

The Times of India

Seamen of Indian origin held hostage by Somalian pirates,name of vessel as well as the country whose flag it flew

Mar 25 2015

In the past five years (2010-14), Somali pirates have hijacked 33 vessels that had Indian crew on board. Overall, 313 Indian crew members were held hostage by pirates. Of them, 310 were released, while three died. Seven Indian hostages of vessel Asphalt Venture (Panama registered) spent the longest period as hostages as they were released more than four years after being kidnapped.The biggest chunk of kidnapped Indian crew was working in ships registered in Marshall Islands. It was followed by Panama and Italy.Recently, the government has set up an inter-ministerial group to deal with the hostage situation arising out of the hijacking of merchant vessels with Indian crew.

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