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A profile

[ From the archives of the Times of India]

King Jr was peeved at ‘untouchable’ remark

A moment in his trip to India initially left American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr “shocked”, but it probably later brought him face-to-face with the then dark reality of black people being “untouchable” in US.

Speaking at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta on occasion of the Martin Luther King Day service, Raj Razdan, executive director of the Senior Citizen Program of Georgia, brought out new facets of King’s learning ties with India. She said King once described his visit to India to a congregation in the church. “Dr King said and I quote, ‘I remember when Mrs King and I were in India, we journeyed down to the city of Trivandrum. That afternoon I was to speak at a high school. ‘The principal of the school introduced me and then he came to the conclusion of his introduction. He said, ‘Young people, I would like to present to you a fellow untouchable from the USA,’ and for a moment I was shocked and even peeved’,” Razdan quoted King as saying years back. PTI

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