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Medical facilities

Remote online bedside monitoring system

‘Remote online bedside monitoring’ allows the doctor to track patient’s progress, March 14, 2017: The Hindu

Jipmer system touted as model

The Centre is considering replicating the remote online bedside monitoring system in prevalence in Jipmer throughout the country, its director S.C. Parija said.

In a release, Dr. Parija said that Jipmer had, in response to a communication from ministry of health and family welfare, submitted details of the concept of “remote online bedside monitoring” existing in Jipmer to be implemented at the national level in other government hospitals in the country.

Jipmer had introduced the two-way communication system in the tertiary burns unit of the Department of Plastic Surgery that essentially bridges the gap between the patient and doctor — the system was later replicated in intensive care units.

In his report to the Ministry, Dr. Parija highlighted the need and the benefits of a “remote online bedside monitoring” which, apart from providing a communication channel for doctor and patient, allowed the treating doctor to monitor the condition of the patient online while working elsewhere inside the hospital (Operation Theatre, OPD and so on) or even away from the institution.

He said it helped in early detection and treatment for sudden complications or exigencies such as a fall from the bed.

In case of emergency, it allows treating doctor to give online advice or consultation to the unit associates or junior doctors and nurses. If the condition of the patient allowed it, the system could even be used by the patient to interact with the doctor online.

The monitoring system was an extension of the telemedicine services being provided by at a state-of-the-art unit headed by Ravi Kumar Chittoria.

Jipmer has been designated by the ministry of health and family welfare as regional resource centre for South India.

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