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Gender ratio

2017-19: Women: 31% of new students

With 30% of new students women, IIM-C hits record, June 11, 2017: The Times of India

KOLKATA: The Indian Institute of Management's Calcutta branch has registered a two-fold rise over 2016-18 in the number of women admitted for the 2017-19 batch.

With women accounting for 31% of the new students, this batch boasts of the highest female representation at IIM-C to date. Officials say this is also the strongest girl squad among the top three IIMs - Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta - in recent memory.

"The girls performed incredibly well in the interview and got through on their own steam," IIM-C admission chairperson Pritam Basu said. The only push that they got, Basu added, was at the pre-interview stage, where women were marked up "a little" after the CAT scores. Previous years saw women getting three extra points (out of 100) at the pre-interview stage. "This year girls were given two extra marks out of a total 50 marks (or 4%). This mark-up was part of a deliberate policy change to bring more gender diversity on the campus," Basu said.

IIM -C has been able to get an average representation of 20%-22% for women in each batch over the past few years, but the one admitted in 2016 saw a sharp drop, falling to 16.4%, and this set the alarm ringing, IIM-C officials said, explaining the "slight mark-up" this year. "There has been no official mandate but the institute has always aimed at having a more diverse classroom," economics professor and former IIM-C dean Anindya Sen said.



Director quits after clash with board

Jhimli Mukherjeepandey, March 23, 2021: The Times of India

Anju Seth, who broke the glass ceiling to become IIM-Calcutta’s first woman director, resigned from her position late on Sunday after locking horns with the institute’s board of governors over several months. Matters came to a head in February-end, when the board adopted a resolution against her at a special meeting and started an inquiry into her “conduct”.

Seth’s term was to end in February 2022, when she would turn 65.

Disappointed to leave a dream partly fulfilled, says Anju Seth

Seth went on sick leave on Friday, leaving the institute in the hands of Prashant Mishra, the dean of external affairs. Besides sending her resignation letter to the board of governors, Seth mailed a copy to the PMO, sources said. An emergency meeting convened by the board on Monday was rescheduled to Tuesday.

Seth, an alumnus of the institute’s 1978 batch, told TOI, “I’m disappointed I’m leaving a dream only partially fulfilled; it is not what I had sought. Yet I’m proud that I tried my best and that I’ve disrupted the conventional barriers that were holding back the opportunity for IIM-Calcutta to emerge a world-class institution. I hope that in the future, the institute will continue to build on a culture of transparency and accountability as core values.”

In her resignation letter, Seth referred to the breakdown of confidence between her and the board after the latter chose to level allegations of wrongdoing against her without giving her a chance to defend herself, a source said.

She also alleged lack of transparency and accountability, misuse of funds, instances of abdication of responsibility, weak financial health and governance issues that invited investigation by the Union education ministry and agencies like the Comptroller and Auditor General of India and the Central Vigilance Commission.

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