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Harshaali Malhotra in Bajrangi Bhaijaan . She was a little more than six when she shot the film.
Harshaali plays a Pakistani girl who strays into India. That she cannot speak complicates matters further.
Harshaali Malhotra at age 4 years and 9 months, already a confident model
In Laut‬ aao Trisha with Bhagyashree
Harshaali in a jewellery advertisement

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Personal details

Born: 3 June 2008.

Education: In July 2015, when Bajrangi Bhaijaan was released, Harshaali had entered Grade Two at school.

School: Seven Square Academy, Mumbai

Mother: Kajal Malhotra

Modelling career

Harshaali was just over four and a half years old when she went to a mall with her mother Kajal Malhotra. The shop Mom & Me was conducting a photo shoot with children. Harshaali got herself photographed for the campaign and won an award. That is how her career as a child model for print and TV advertisements began.

TV serials followed.

As will be seen from the list of Harshaali’s modelling and TV assignments on this page, very quickly she bagged a large number of assignments.

Hectic shooting took a toll on little Harshaali’s health and she developed a fever. Her mother Kajal started refusing all fresh assignments that came Harshaali’s way, including a film in which she was to enact the childhood portion of the Katrina Kaif character.

Harshaali was unaware of this. She thought that acting and modelling assignments had simply dried up. She asked her mother, ‘Am I not doing well enough during my shoots? Why are no fresh offers coming my way?’

That was Kajal Malhotra’s cue to restart daughter Harshaali’s career.

Happily, Harshaali’s school grades were not suffering. She missed only seven days of school while shooting for Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Onkar Kulkarni, Daily Bhaskar and Indian Express)


Kajal Malhotra sought an appointment with casting director Mukesh Chhabra and introduced Harshaali to him. A few months later he called, saying that a film unit wanted to test Harshaali’s body language. This was followed by a meeting with Salman Khan himself. It was thus that Harshaali bagged the role of Shahida in Bajrangi Bhaijaan. (Onkar Kulkarni, Daily Bhaskar)

Shooting for Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Harshaali was quite the confident professional. Whenever she did not understand a scene she would go up to director Kabir Khan and ask him, rather than ask her mother to help her out or interpret the scene for her.

When Salman Khan noticed that Harshaali disliked food that was chilli hot, he would guide her to milder food available on the sets. He would play table tennis with her, take her on rides on an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), play games with her on the cellphone and take her to his Karjat home for home food. She would sit on Kabir Khan’s lap and play Barbie games. However, ‘Kareena aunty was busy with shoot so [Harshaali] did not get time to play games with her. (PTI)

Distinguishing between fiction and reality was difficult for the then six-year-old.

Harshaali would start crying whenever she saw Salman fighting or getting emotional in the film. ‘I used to cry when he (Salman) did action scenes. Even when Salman uncle shot emotional scenes, I used to feel bad. Even I cried when Salman uncle cried.’

Whenever there was action or any high-pitched sound, Harshaali would get scared. But Salman (Khan) and Kabir (Khan) would make special efforts to ensure that she interacts with other co-stars by playing, after which she became comfortable during the shoot. (Indian Express)

Career plans

Kajal Malhotra wants daughter Harshaali to act as a child artiste till she enters Class 6, concentrate on her studies till she clears the Class 12 Board examinations and then resume acting, this time as a leading lady.


By the time she was six Harshaali was already a veteran…

Television serials

Laut Aao Trisha (Life OK) (she plays the kid sister of Trisha Swaika and the daughter of Bhagyashree Patwardhan)

Qubool Hai, a daily soap

Savdhaaan India

TV commercials


AVR Shubhmahal Jeweller (Chennai)

Fair & Lovely TVC with actress Yami Gautam

Horlicks foodles

Hyundai Xcent

Mahindra Mom & Me (age 5)


Odonil TVC with. Madhuri Dixit Nene

Pears soap

Petals (age 5)

Sony Handycam (age 4 years and 8 months)

Tirupati oil

Vardhaman Knitwear (at age 5 years and 1 month)

Zoom body warmer (at age 5)

Print advertisements

Haier Appliances

Tirupati oil


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