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2013: Crimes by Delhi police

More khaki law-breakers in 2013

Somreet Bhattacharya TNN

The Times of India Jul 02 2014

Delhi Police is far from winning people's confidence--12,427 complaints were received against cops in 2013 compared to 12,343 the year before.

While the city's law-enforcers clearly need to shape up, Madhya Pradesh, which registered the highest number of complaints last year, has improved its record with just 9,297 complaints filed in 2013. Delhi cops were involved in 141 cases of human rights violations in contrast to 75 in 2012, when chargesheets were filed in 12 cases.

Delhi also has a poor record when it comes to taking action: 178 inquiries were initiated in 2013 though only 95 cases were found to be unsubstantiated or false. All other cases are pending.

According to National Crime Records Bureau, 149 policemen had been sent for trial in2013 and only one case was disposed of by the court, which acquitted the accused cop. In comparison, 43 cases were disposed of in 2012, leading to conviction of 13 cops and 30 acquittals.

The data shows that in 2013, disciplinary action was taken against 1,125 policemen, while 1,122 cops saw their cases withdrawn or disposed of. As many as 103 cops were dismissed, while 592 faced harsh punishment.

In 2012, 112 cops were removed from service and 1,049 policemen faced disciplinary action. There were two cases of illegal detention registered in 2013. The NCRB data shows no such cases in 2012.

In 2013, nine cases of extortion and three cases of torture were reported against the city cops, but no chargesheets were issued in these cases. Also, there were 23 cases of indignity to women, in which three have seen chargesheets.

Last year, policemen were found to have murdered a person after failing o to extort money . They even fired at their colleagues when they were found to be extorting money.

Rogue cops rocked the es tablishment in 2013. From Amit Tomar and his team to the Neb Sarai cops, they made headlines throughout the latter part of the year.

While 446 cops were sus pended this year, 491 cops have been added to the “doubtful integrity (DI)“ list in 2013. A total of 598 cops are already on this list.

As many as 158 inquiries were conducted, of which 12 f inquiries invited disciplind ary action against 19 policea men, including three inspec tors. As many as 794 departmental inquiries were conducted and 1,057 d were found guilty.

Of the 1.74 crore of Deln hi's population, only 0.36% e approached the vigilance cell of police with comn plaints in 2013. The com plaint monitoring and trackn ing system received 62130 complaints of which 11836 g were against policemen

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