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Co-working spaces in India

Co-working spaces in the events business/ 2019

Aparna Desikan, June 27, 2019: The Times of India

Co-working spaces in the events business/ 2019
From: Aparna Desikan, June 27, 2019: The Times of India

Imagine going to work in the morning and partying on the same premises in the evening. Co-working spaces across the country are doing exactly this to make money in more ways than just lending its offices as a work space. Having invested in swanky lounges and decors, these offices are opening up their conference rooms, cafeterias and other amenities to conduct events for their members and also third-party companies — all for a charge.

Some of the events include networking sessions, hackathons or even a standup comedy show. GoWork, CoWrks, Awfis and WeWork are early movers in this revenue-generation stream.

With events contributing 20% of revenues, GoWork looks to increase the contribution by another 5-10% this year, under its GoSocial wing. “Sometimes, non-member companies also use our facilities for the same charge,” said GoWork CEO & chief evangelist Sudeep Singh. CoWrks, with the launch of its vertical Converge, offers their meeting and conference rooms on hourly charges. “Facilities are available at competitive rates in comparison to conducting events in any other 5-star hotel properties,” said CoWrks director (new products) Nruthya Madappa.

While Cowrks offers a per-hour charge, GoWork charges Rs 80,000 a day for a basic hackathon for 100 members. Seat charge for a person for basic amenities is Rs 6,500 per month.

Some of the spaces also offer a barter-based approach to non-member companies. “For instance, if an upcoming F&B brand approaches us, we ask them to provide food for our events in exchange for business opportunities. However, if such a mutual agreement can’t be drawn, third-party companies would have to pay a charge,” said Awfis AVP (marketing) Sukriti Pandey.

Sumeet Kapoor, CEO of Delhi-based startup Employwise, an occupant of Go-Work, finds it easy to plan and organise office HR functions. “It is not easy to conduct events for a gathering of 200-odd people,” he said.

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