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Who is Chon Chon?

Chon Chon Kashung
Chon Chon Kashung
Chon Chon Kashung
Chon Chon Kashung
Chon Chon Kashung
Chon Chon Kashung
Chon Chon Kashung
Chon Chon Kashung
Chon Chon Kashung
Chon Chon Kashung
Chon Chon Kashung

Chon Chon is an Instructor at Barbizon Modeling and Acting Schools, Promoter at Forte Event Marketing, LLC

Before this she worked at Studio One Pensacola

Chonchon Kashung, the person

Denis Sangma | Meet Chonchon Kashung from Manipur, who is creating waves in the US! | The Northeast Today

‘An ambitious Naga trying to turn her dreams into a reality in the United States of America’ is what her Facebook account reads. A modelling and acting instructor for Barbizon, a Modelling placement school and a Film and Television Major at UWF in Florida, Chonchon has created quite a stir in the modelling realm. Born to a Tangkhul father and an Ao mother, this is Chonchon Kashung for an exclusive interview with TNT- The Northeast Today.

Chonchon Kashung: I’m a Naga from Manipur. My dad is a Tangkhul Naga from Ukhrul, Manipur and my mom is Ao Naga from Mokokchung, Nagaland. Both of them got theological education from Dallas Theological Seminary in the United States and now work as missionaries in India. Truly speaking, what I am today and what I would be tomorrow are all because of their prayers and support. I am blessed with two brothers and an older sister. I grew up moving a lot from one station to another with my parents. As a result, I guess I really never stayed in a place too long to embrace it as my hometown. Being a missionary kid helped me embrace different culture, traditions and food. I love hot and spicy food and I am multilingual in at least 6 different dialects and languages.

TNT: You have a degree in telecommunications film and international studies and if facts are true, you are still pursuing further studies. Having said that, was modelling a calling to you?

Chonchon Kashung: Yes, I’m majoring in telecommunications and films. I’m also majoring in international studies. I would definitely love to pursue further studies. I would, without any doubt, say that modeling not only saved my life, but was truly a calling. Through modeling, I have been able to financially support myself through college and it has also enabled me to help new aspiring models in any way that I can. It has given me confidence, boosted my self esteem and made me become a go-getter. I feel that modeling is just a display of God’s given talent and gift.

I definitely see progress within myself. I move forward through thick and thin situations and overcome challenges on my way. I try to make each day count. Every day is a progress for my career. I feel it would be a waste if I do not accomplish something each day that would help me come closer to my dreams. My mom always motivates and encourages me by saying, “Do not let the sun go down without doing anything productive”.

TNT: Why does a small town girl from northeast India, travels miles to another continent in Florida to become a model there? Is Florida the desired platform you wanted as much as India?

Chonchon Kashung: I love challenges. Perhaps I got it from my father. Coming to the United States and pursuing an industry that is still new and growing for North East India was a challenge of course, of which I was willing to take up. At the moment, my education is my number one priority. I try to fit in modeling during my free time. So far, it has been good and I continue to juggle my studies and my modeling career here in Florida. As soon as I’m done with my studies, I would love to move to a bigger city to pursue further education and opportunities in the media world.

TNT: Northeast India, as most mainland India puts it, is closer to the western world than the rest of the country. Does this ease up the civilization gap between you and the western world and provide easy acceptance?

Chonchon Kashung: To be honest, I feel blessed to have come from Northeast India. Frankly speaking, it does ease up the gap between me and the western world. I do get remarks on how I do not have an accent or at times my American friends do find it interesting that I know more western shows than they do.

TNT: Was there ever a moment when you thought it wasn’t working out, maybe call a quit or try something else?

Chonchon Kashung: You know, trying to pursue modeling in a foreign country is a challenge, especially when you do not have the network. I learned persistence and consistence from my father. Being a petite model was the biggest challenge. Over time I realized that I had a bigger calling and that was to educate people that there is more than fashion modeling or the so-called industry runway modeling. As time flew by, I realized that there were other genres of modeling for models of all sizes. Now I’m a modeling/acting instructor for a Modeling placement school called Barbizon and I absolutely love teaching aspiring models and actors about their options in the modeling/acting world. Hard work, humility and networking are very important. Being passionate in what you do as well as knowing the right people is a must. I would say that I have been truly blessed to be published in 24 magazines internationally in the past 2 years. I won’t have had the motivation and the drive if it wasn’t for all the love and support that I received from my people back home.

My main goal is to inform people around the world that there are beautiful, educated and talented youths from Northeast India as well as India as a whole. I love my country and would love to keep promoting it to the best

(Needless to say, India loves Chonchon Kashung and is proud of her.)

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