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Missing children, state and union territory-wise: 2014; Graphic courtesy: The Times of India
, May 16 2015

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Child Protection Scheme

After the Nithari incident, the National Human Rights Commission constituted a committee in 2007 to examine the issue of missing children. In 2009-10, the ministry of women and child development implemented the Integrated Child Protection Scheme. One of the objectives of the scheme was to create a mechanism to track missing children. On an average, 187 children go missing every day in India. In 2014, over 68,000 children were reported missing. Nearly half of them were reported to be untraced at the end of the year. Among the untraced children, 63% were girls. West Bengal followed by Maharashtra and Delhi reported the highest number of untraced children -over 3,000 for each state. A recent answer to a question in Parliament states that the reasons for children going missing include trafficking, running away from family and kidnapping.

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