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Food products, healthy and innovative

Chocobars, rich in protein and Omega-3

The Hindu Business Line, November 25, 2016

From chocolates enriched with puffed quinoa and crispy chia seeds, to quinoa laddu, Mysuru-based Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) is looking to take many of its innovative food products to the consumers.

For starters, protein enriched and Omega-3 enriched Chocobars, developed by CFTRI, is expected to be made available on the shelvesr. These chocobars are being made and marketed by Campco Ltd.

Ram Rajasekharan, Director of CFTRI said: “We were looking at ways to make unhealthy food products like chocolates healthy. So adding chia and quinoa seeds to chocobars helps reduce fat and sugar. The trials to integrated these superfoods has been successful and now Campco will look at the commercial launch.” In a bid to promote chia and quinoa, CFTRI has also developed quinoa laddu. Rajasekharan said that roasted chia and puffed quinoa seeds satchets to combat malnutrition had already been introduced in public meal programmes, run by Integrated Child Development services.

“We are already talking to several States on introduction of chia and quinoa seeds in the mid-day meal programmes. There is a lot of interest among States. I want to bring about an omega revolution in the country, since we are not only deficient in micro-nutrients but also macro-nutrients,” he added.

Carbonated sugarcane juice, carbonated fruit juices, multi-grain banana bar, chia healthy bar, and kokum jelly candy are some of the other innovative products the research institute has developed in recent times.

Meanwhile, CFTRI signed several MoUs on Thursday during the Technofest, at the India International Trade Fair in Delhi.

Under an MoU, National Research Development Corporation will get a non-exclusive right to market CFTRI products, for which 70 per cent of the gross earnings from royalties will be paid to CFTRI. In another agreement, CFTRI in collaboration with Millers Process Intelligence & Engineering, plans to set up Global Centre for Excellence in Rice processing.

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