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This is a collection of articles archived for the excellence of their content.

(From People of India/ National Series Volume VIII. Readers who wish to share additional information/ photographs may please send them as messages to the Facebook community, All information used will be gratefully acknowledged in your name.)

Sarayuparia Brahman

Synonyms: Babaji, Panditji, Sarjuparin Brahman [Bihar and/or Jharkhand] Titles: Maharaj, Pandit [Madhya Pradesh and/or Chhattisgarh] Surnames: Choubey, Dubey, Ojha, Pandey, Pathak, Tiwari, Tripathi, Upadhyay [Bihar and/or Jharkhand] Choube, Dubey, Mishra, Pandey, Tiwari, Tribedi [Madhya Pradesh and/or Chhattisgarh] Gotra: Bharadwaj, Garg, Gautam, Kashyap, Katyayan, Kausik, Parasar, Sandilya, Savarna, Vasistha, Vatsa [Bihar and/or Jharkhand] Bharadwaj, Garg, Goutam, Kashyap, Parasar, Sandilya, Vasist [Madhya Pradesh and/or Chhattisgarh]

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