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The Times of India, Jul 01 2015

John Sarkar

Price Index: A guide for travellers on cost of living in 75 cities

Beer cheer: Delhi 5th cheapest globally

With an average price of $1.75 for a 330ml bottle, Delhi has the fifth cheapest beer among 75 world cities, according to the 2015 Beer Price Index. At the other end of the spectrum, Geneva has the costliest beer at an average price of $6.32 for a 330ml bottle. The Beer Price Index, which compares several beers in stores and bars to rank 75 world cities in terms of price, is also meant to double as a useful guide for holidaymakers looking for value holidays this year. It is a rough indicator for those looking at costs beyond hotels and accommodation.

“Beer is an interesting product. Its price in a particular city, more often than not, reflects the cost of living stan dards for tourists,“ says Rahul Singh, founder and CEO of Beer Café, one of the country's leading beer chains that serve brews from all across the world.

Singh says India is one of the few places in the world where the price of beer fluctuates greatly as one moves across states. Close on the heels of Geneva as the home of the most expensive beer are Hong Kong ($6.16), Tel Aviv ($5.79), Oslo ($5.31), New York ($5.20) and Singapore ($5.13). Beer comes cheap in cities such as Krakow ($1.66), Kiev ($1.66), Bratislava ($1.69) and Malaga ($1.72).

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