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Hyderabad: A Menhir dating back to the Iron Age was discovered alongside a roadside at Ellarigudem in Maripeda mandal in Mahabubabad district by archaeologist E Sivanagi Reddy.

The archaeologist noticed the Menhir during an archaeological survey and heritage remains in Maripeda mandal as part of the ‘Preserve Heritage for Posterity’ programme. The Menhir is from the Iron Age (about 3,500 years old) installed in memory of a dead person. It stands six feet tall, measures three feet in diameter and was buried to a depth of three feet.

Kotha Telangana Charitra Brindam Convenor Sriramoju Haragopal confirmed that the Menhir was from the Megalithic period. The significant aspect about this Menhir is that it was made of a white coloured stone, said Sivanagi Reddy.

Former Geological Survey of India Director K Mahendar Reddy said the Iron Age Menhir was made of Leuco granite stone (weathered and comprises almost negligible mafic minerals) and bears lot of historical importance in terms of geology.

Based on its archaeological significance, Dr. Sivanagi Reddy sensitised the local community to preserve it for posterity. He recommended putting up a barricade for protection of the Menhir, besides placing a plaque embossed with details.

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