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Village Rockstars: National, international acclaim draws Assamese audiences

In a rarity for Assamese film, Village Rockstars to go into second week | Entertainment | Oct 04, 2018 | PTI

Village Rockstars

Village Rockstars has so far travelled to 80 film festivals and won 44 awards. Assam govt has announced that it would give Rs. 1 crore to Rima for the promotion of the film at the Oscars.

Village Rockstars, India's official entry to the Oscars, had a "very successful run" and in a rare case for an Assamese film, went into the second week. The film was released in five major cities across the country -- Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru.

"[In its first six days] Village Rockstars had grossed an estimated Rs 40 lakh. After a long time, an Assamese film has been commercially so successful," Pawan More of Kamakhya Films told PTI. Village Rockstars was screened for the second week in 35 theatres across the state and this is a rarity for an Assamese film, he said.

The film's director-Producer Rima Das said she is overwhelmed by the people's response to the film and hoped that they would continue to watch it in theatres.

The success of the film can be attributed to the fact that the whole approach is new and it has been "made very organically, there is no emulating of any cinematic trend. The film unfolds simply and scores for its rare subtlety", film critic Bitopan Borborah said.

"Assamese films are usually not watched by many people but the acclaim that Village Rockstars has achieved at the international and national level, has attracted people and brought them to the theatre," he added.

The response by cinegoers here is really unprecedented for an Assamese film in recent times, said Chinmoy Sharma, owner of a local theatre that is running two shows daily.

Assam government has announced that it would give Rs one crore to Rima for the promotion of the film at the Oscars in the foreign film category.

The film has travelled to 80 film festivals and won 44 awards so far.

The film has won four national awards, including the Swarna Kamal for the best film this year. Village Rockstars tells the story of a poor village girl who aspires to own a guitar and forms a rock band with her friends while her widowed mother struggles to fulfil her wish.

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