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A timeline

A timeline: Aruna Shanbaug; Graphic courtesy: The Times of India
Some facts; Graphic courtesy: The Times of India

The Hindu, May 23, 2015

November 27, 1973 - Aruna Shanbaug was brutally assaulted and raped by a wardboy-cum-sweeper of the hospital, Sohanlal Bharta Valmiki who throttled her with a dog chain. The brutal assault cut off blood and oxygen supply to key parts of her brain.

1974 - Valmiki is sentenced to six years in prison. He is released in 1980.

2009 - Pinki Virani, author of 'Aruna's Story', moves court seeking a peaceful death for Aruna and that the force-feeding be stopped

2011 - Supreme Court rejects petition. The petition was opposed by the hospital's management and nursing staff.

May, 2015 - Aruna Shanbaug dies

10 year wait by the fiance hoping recovery

The Times of India

May 19 2015

Fiance waited for 10 yrs before marrying

Before the brutal attack, Aruna Shanbaug was to marry a KEM Hospital resident doctor, who has in various articles been identified as Dr Sundeep Sardesai. The doctor, say nurses from KEM Hospital, used to regularly check on Aruna even years after the attack left her in a permanent vegetative state. While some KEM nurses say he had moved abroad, others say he is still in Dadar and stops by once in a while. In one of the interviews that Aruna's late sister Shanta Nayak gave to the media a few years ago, she mentioned that Dr Sardesai did not marry for 10 years after the incident. She said that he eventually married because of tremendous pres sure from his family .

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