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Archana Paneru
Archana Paneru
Archana Paneru
Archana Paneru
Sunita Paneru, the hot mama
Sunita Paneru, the hot mama

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A brief biography

Meet Sunny Leone of Nepal, Archana Paneru! Feb 6, 2017, IndiaTimes. The Times of India

Former porn star Sunny Leone became an inspiration for a 17-year-old girl who hails from Nepal.

Archana Paneru [who claims to have been born in 2000], who is being called as Sunny Leone of Nepal, was apparently only 17 years old and not yet an adult when she became adult actress. She became a known face after she shared some of her hot photos in the skimpiest of clothes.

Archana did her schooling up to only 9th standard post which she participated in a beauty contest.

Archana Paneru became an internet sensation after she started posting her sensuous photos on social media in 2015, when apparently she was 15. Sunny Leone is said to be her role model.

Archana’s mother Sunita had worked in India for many years before shifting to Nepal in 2008. Sunita too has worked in adult films with her daughter.

Adult actress Archana Paneru and her mother were arrested after an FIR was lodged against her for posting objectionable photos.

Post gaining popularity for bold and sexy photos, Archana and her mother got converted from Hindu to Christian.

Nepali girl Archana Paneru made her debut with movie Jism which got released in 2017.

Archana Paneru started her career with a music video album.

Actress Archana has even revealed that she has worked as a call girl by tweeting on her social media account. She stated that she earned Rs. 85000 in two days. She added that she wants to stop doing it because it is too boring.

Reportedly, porn star Archana charges 4.5 lakhs for her every film.

Archana Paneru became popular after releasing her nude photographs and erotic videos on social media in September 2016.

According to a report, Archana Paneru ‘s real name is Kalpana Paneru.

Archana was the second runner off in Prince & Princess of Mahendranagar beauty contest.

Archana has strong support from her mother Sunita while her father disapproves her actions.

In an interview, Archana said that she wants to be a dancer and a designer in the future.

Archana Paneru is apparently dating an Australian boy Jack Wilson.

Archana's mother has often said in media interviews that her daughter will show nude photos for sure.

Archana’s first film was rejected by Nepal’s cinema censor board because of obscenity and vulgarity.

Archana also debuted in music video modelling which also featured her mother Sunita Paneru and her brother Harish Paneru.

Family of actress Archana Paneru is titled as the Nepal’s porn-star.

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