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Antonio Costa; Graphic courtesy: The Times of India, Nov 10 2015

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Brief biographical details

The Times of India, Nov 10 2015

Andrew Pereira

A Goan may lead Portuguese govt

Antonio Costa, 54, son of Goan poet Orlando Costa, and who answers to the nickname Babush', a Konkani term of endearment used to address a young boy in Goa, is set to stakedhis claim to head the Portuguese government in Nov 2015. Costa has his 150-year-old ances tral house on Rua Abade Fa ria, in the heart of Margao. Former mayor of the corporation o the city of Panaji, Carolina Po, met Costa in 2010 in Lis bon “I was in Lisbon officially as Panaji mayor for a Lusofonia Games meeting in 2010.Along with another Panaji councillor, I, unofficially called on Costa at his office as he was the mayor of Lisbon,“ says Po. “He came across as a warm person and talked about his roots in Goa. He told us that he wishes to visit Goa and his home in Margao”. she added.

2015: PM of Portugal

The Times of India

Nov 26 2015

Goan-origin Antonio Costa becomes PM of Portugal

Antonio Costa, who traces his paternal roots to Goa, and the leader of Portugal's Socialist Party was named prime minister and tasked with forming a government in Nov 2015 after weeks of political instability caused by an inconclusive election. Antonio Costa is the son of Orlando Costa, an accomplished poet and writer.Antonio's grandfather, Luis Afonso Maria da Costa, hailed from Goa. The appointment comes after Costa's anti-austerity alliance with communists Greens and the Left bloc toppled the 11-day-old con servative minority govern ment in a dramatic parlia mentary vote earlier this month. Portugal's political difficulties are being close ly watched in Brussels and Costa has sought to allay fears his anti-austerity drive could propel the country back to deficit-busting policies that forced it into a three-year $83 billion bailout in 2011. Costa, 54, is a seasoned negotiator who has managed to pull together an alliance that had previously seemed unimaginable due to differences between the groups. His government's policies aim at “a sustainable reduction in deficits and debt“, Costa has repeatedly said.

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