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Anoushay and Alizeh, VJs

The sister act

By Haya Naveen


Anoushay and Alizeh

The word VJ held no attraction a few years back. People were shy of the media. VJhood was nowhere under discussion until the start of some private channels which bought into light some great faces and talents into VJing. Among them are the two very famous names who can rather be called the pioneers of VJing, the cute looking, bubbly, sugary and friendly gals — Anoushay and Alizeh.

Anoushey started off with her showbiz career when she completed her A-levels. Her childhood dream was to be a newscaster. She had a fire and fury to be into showbiz since childhood. Little Anoushey would host all of the family travel cam recordings. Alizeh tells us, “Anoushey always wanted to be a newscaster; whenever we’d travel she would stand in front of the camera and act as a TV host.” Alizeh herself came into the field just “like that”, walking in the footsteps of her sister.

When young, Anoushey was a tomboy, totally into cars and “chap activities”, whereas Alizeh was totally into dolls and “lass stuff”. But later on out of the blue the sisters transformed and exchanged their likes and interests with each other. Now Anoushey is all the girl-type whereas Alizeh keeps interests in things which mostly guys are fond of. Anoushey and Alizeh also share the same birth date i.e. April 14, which gives people the perception that perhaps they are twins, “We would eat together, drink together, hop and play together, dress alike, when young because of that people usually thought we were twins.”

Name: Anoushey Ashraf Birthday: April 14 Favourite co-artist: Dino and Zhalay Favourite colour: Red Favourite hangout: A friend’s apartment Favourite actor/actress: Brad Pitt/Julia Roberts/ Sharukh Khan Favourite guitarist: Shallum Favourite cuisine: Thai and desi food One word for your personality: FUN! One word describing your desired spouse: Intelligent Anoushey, Alizeh and Natasha is the complete sister act. Natasha who happens to be the girl from “Zalim nazroon se” is Anoushey and Alizeh’s elder sister. She’s now married and living happily with her hubby and two beautiful kids.

Anoushay and Alizeh

Anoushay and Alizeh have done their Bachelors and Anoushay wishes to pursue a degree in media studies abroad. The girls have experienced loads of work, fame and different projects at a very young age. Apart from being VJs they are RJs too. For Anoushay being an RJ is fun because there is no make up and stuff, everything is live and exciting. For Alizeh radio’s amusing and electrifying because, “Radio has really picked up these days; lots of people spend a lot of time in their cars due to work or when they are stuck in heavy traffic, so you can easily tune into the radio channel and listen to nice music, hot exciting new numbers, weather reports, news updates, etc.” Alizeh adds, “Radio is good in a way no matter where you are, whatever you are doing you have access to it. Most of the people in our country end up listening to radio.” But when the siblings were asked to choose RJing over VJing they screamed out and shouted aloud, “We always love coming on TV, there’s nothing like being a VJ.”

On screen and off screen, both the girls are the same. They don’t go out of the way to be the way they are on TV. The fact that they enjoy working on TV is that it makes them independent and they can fill their pockets with their own hard earned money. Anoushey explains, “Making your own money is very important because it helps you build yourself, no matter how rich your dad or your spouse is, you have to build your own self. If you gain everything in life without any physical exercise you are just not content with your life.” The girls don’t only talk in the air but they prove it verbally too, as they bought their first cell phones from their own earned money.

Name: Alizeh Ashraf Birthday: April 14 Favourite co-artist: Anoushey Favourite colour: Red Favourite hangout: Home Favourite actor/actress: Sushmita Sen Favourite guitarist: Shallum Favourite cuisine: Thai One word for your personality: Perfect One word describing your desired spouse: Understanding The girls found showbiz very thrilling, exciting and full of fun. They enjoy working in their fields, according to them one is apt to find all kinds of people in every organisation then why blame the media alone. “The way one carries oneself is important rather than calling others the black sheep.” May you belong to any field, there are always some evil eyes, who can never see one happy, they back-bite and try bringing hurdles and obstacles in ones path but “no worries” has always been these girls motto.

Anoushey and Alizeh both are girls who can be the personification and embodiment of the “work and then party hard” motto. They are appealing, pretty, confident, bubbly, sparkling, have great dress sense and talk wonderfully. That’s why they top the favourite and preferred list for most people.

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