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Market value of paintings

2020: portrait of husband, c. ₹15 crore

December 20, 2020: The Times of India

‘Portrait of Victor Egan’
From: December 20, 2020: The Times of India

Sher-Gil portait of husband may fetch ₹15 crore


A rare 1939 portrait of her husband by legendary Indian artist Amrita Sher-Gil is estimated to fetch up to Rs 15 crore at a virtual auction this weekend. Created as a parting gift to her husband’s family, the oil-on-canvas titled ‘Portrait of Victor Egan’ shows her Hungarian army doctor husband in his uniform, a lit cigarette between his fingers.

She had married Egan, her cousin, in 1938, and the couple lived in Hungary, but the looming war situation made them decide to shift to India the next year. Estimated at Rs 10 crore to Rs 15 crore, the rare artwork showcases Sher-Gil’s proficiency as a portraiture artist, and elucidates her academic training, as per the online auction house AstaGuru. TNN

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