Aligarh Muslim University: Vice Chancellors (1979 onwards): list

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Aligarh Muslim University: Vice Chancellors (1920-79)

Aligarh Muslim University: Vice Chancellors (1979 onwards): list

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Women’s College

Aligarh Muslim University Students’ Union

1979-2012: list

Prof. Mohammad Shafi

December 1979 - May 1980 (Acting)

Prof. J.N. Prasad

May 1980 - June 1980 (Acting)

Prof. Q.H. Farooquee

June 1980 - June 1980 (Acting)

Mr. Saiyid Hamid, IAS

June 1980 - 26 March 1985

Prof. K.M. Bahauddin

27 March 1985 - 7 April 1985 (Acting)

Mr. Syed Hashim Ali, IAS

8 April 1985 - 4 October 1989

Prof. Wasiur Rahman

4 October 1989 - 5 July 1990 (Acting)

Prof. Ashok Bal

6July 1990-31 August 1990

Prof. M.N. Faruqui

1 September 1990 - 15 December 1994

Prof. Zillur Rehman Khan

6 July 1990 - 14 October 1990 (Acting)

Prof. Shamim Ahmad

15 December 1994 - May 1995 (Acting)

Mr. Mahmoodur Rahman, IAS

1 May 1995 - 28 May 2000

Mr. Mohammad Hamid Ansari, IFS

28 May 2000 - 30 March 2002

Prof. M. Saleemuddin

31 March 2002 -30 April 2002 (Acting)

Mr. Naseem Ahmad, IAS

8 May 2002 - 7 April 2007

Prof. M Saleemuddin

8 April 2007 - 11 June 2007 (Acting)

Prof. P K Abdul Azis

11 June 2007 - 17 January 2012

Prof. S. Mahdi Abbas Rizvi

18 January 2012 - 28 January 2012 (Acting)

Prof. Sibghatullah Farooqui

29 January 2012 - 15 March 2012 (Acting)

Dr. Noor Mohammad (IAS)

16 March 2012 - 22 March 2012 (Acting)

Prof. Qazi Afzal Husain

23 March 2012 - 28 March 2012 (Acting)

Executive Council

(By the order of Supreme Court of India)

29 March 2012 - 15 May 2012

Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah

(Assumed charge on May 17, 2012)


Naima Khatoon/ 2024

Manash Gohain, April 23, 2024: The Times of India

New Delhi : With her appointment as the new vicechancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, Naima Khatoon made history on Monday by becoming the first woman in the institution’s 123-year history to hold the post. With her appointment, AMU now is the third central university to have its first woman VC, after Jamia Millia Islamia and Jawaharlal Nehru University.

A senior govt official said, Khatoon was appointed by the ministry of education following nod from President Droupadi Murmu. Permission from ECwas also sought as the model code of conduct for LS elections is in place, said the source. The official added, “EC has stated that it has no objection from an MCC perspective to the proposal related to the appointment of AMU VC, subject to the condition that no political mileage be derived from it.”

The letter to the university from the Centre stated: “…to state that in exercise of powers conferred... the President of India, in her capacity as the Visitor of AMU, has been pleased to appoint Prof. Naima Khatoon, Professor/ Principal, Women’s College, as the Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University for a period of five years from the date on which she assumes office or the date on which she completes seventy years of age, whichever is earlier.”

In April 2019, Najma Akhtar, and in Feb 2022, Santishree Dhulipudi Pandit, were appointed as the first woman VCs of Jamia Millia Islamia and Jawaharlal Nehru University, respectively, by the Centre.

Witha PhD in psychology from AMU, Khatoon was appointed lecturer in the same department in 1988, before being elevated to professorship in 2006. She continued her stint before joining as principal of the Women’s College in2014. 
Khatoon’shusband, Prof Mohammad Gulrez, has been acting VC of the university since last year after then VC Tariq Mansoor resigned when nominated as a member of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council.

2012-2024 April

Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah 2012-

Tariq Mansoor  ?-2023

Prof Mohammad Gulrez, acting VC. 2023-2024

Retired generals, bureaucrats as VCs

Eram Agha | AMU dumping ground for retired generals, bureaucrats? | Apr 17, 2015 | IndiaTimes/ The Times of India

[In 2015 when] the Aligarh Muslim University grappled with the question [AMU dumping ground for retired generals, bureaucrats?] as the appointments of AMU VC Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah and Pro-VC Brig S Ahmad Ali stood challenged in the Allahabad high court, on the ground that the appointment of VC was not in line with the UGC Regulations 2010.

According the to UGC regulation, a central university VC should have ten years of teaching experience, which Shah does not fulfill, the petition in the high court has alleged. The University has defended the appointment saying it is in line with the AMU Act.

The petition was filed by an AMU alumnus, Syed Asrar Cheeku, in October 2014. A university source said that if the court rules in favour of the petitioner, the varsity's administration would approach the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court also gives the verdict that the appointment in not valid, the HRD ministry will step in and review the matter, he said.

The source added that according to the Supreme Court, the institutes funded by the UGC are liable to follow UGC regulations, even if they have their own Act. AMU is funded by UGC.

However, Faizan Mustafa, former AMU registrar and currently the VC of Law University in Hyderabad said there is nothing wrong with non-academic persons being given top posts in universities. "Leaders from all walks of life should be eligible. Professors should be given priority but what is wrong if one gets a good non-academic? A good non-academic should not be excluded at the eligibility level. Let him compete with professors in leadership qualities," Mustafa said.

He added that in a media report, he had noted, "G Parthasarathy, a diplomat, was VC of Jawaharlal Nehru University. So was KR Narayanan, who subsequently became the country's President. Vice President Mohd Hamid Ansari was Vice-Chancellor of AMU."

He added, some of AMU's most successful V-Cs have been bureaucrats, notably Badruddin Tayabji, Syed Hamid, Hashim Ali, M Rahman and Naseem Ahmad. At present, there are several VCs who are retired civil servants or army officers. "General Zaki had a remarkable tenure at Jamia Millia Islamia. AMU has General Shah as its current Vice-Chancellor and he has helped the university improve its rankings," Mustafa said.

The direction from UGC is an advice and not a law.

Jawaharlal Taku added: The army men who served previously as VC's have proved adept administers and disiplinears. It is the vested interest parties who have gone to court.

The AMU administration has defended the appointment citing requirements mentioned in the AMU Act. AMU PRO Rahat Abrar said, "AMU has an Act according to which there is no problem in the appointment of the VC and Pro VC."

According to 19 (1) clause of the Act - The VC shall be appointed by the visitor in such manner as may be prescribed by the statutes. According to the statutes: the vice chancellor shall be appointed by the visitor from a panel of at least three persons recommended by the court and from a panel of five persons recommended by the executive council. The Pro VC will be appointed by the executive council on the recommendations of the VC on such terms and conditions as laid down in the ordinances.

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