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As in 2022

Deepak Lavania, Nov 27, 2022: The Times of India

The FIFA logo on the trophy is in pure gold, studded with diamonds. Its base is made of brass with 24-carat gold polish
From: Deepak Lavania, Nov 27, 2022: The Times of India

Agra : India has not qualified for FIFA World Cup 2022 but the biggest football extravaganza, this time being held in Qatar, has a direct connection with the country and especially the city of Taj. Using precious stones embedded with gold and diamonds, about 2,000 trophies along with gift boxes will be presented to the participating teams — all exquisitely made at a workshop in Agra’s mosaic-carving and handicraft enclave, and supplied by a city-based firm to Doha.

Each box, with a trophy in it, is meticulously done and “very expensive”, the mementoes laid out in gold, studded with diamonds and lapis lazuli, and crafted by a select group of artisans from all over the country chosen over multiple rounds. Sharing the details, Adnan Shiekh, director of Adziran Handicraft Works, told TOI: “Around 300 top handicraft workers from different parts of the country wereinvolved. The design was finalised by the leadership of Qatar in consultation with FIFA and a team of global experts. Each trophy weighs 2 kg. It is made of red jasper. The FIFA logo on it is in pure gold, studded with diamonds. The base of the trophy is made of brass with 24-carat gold polish. The precious gift box weighs 15 kg. It is made of lapis lazuli and gold. The box interior is leather silk. ”

He added: “The trophy and boxes are limited pieces of art. We are bound by a confidentiality clause and cannot disclose the price of the trophy and gift box. ” Adnan, who has offices in the UAE and Qatar, said, “Team management, delegates and other dignitaries of different countries will also be presented with these precious pieces. It is a matter of pride for our country that the workmanship here is being appreciated abroad. ”

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