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This is a collection of articles archived for the excellence of their content.

A profile

From the archives of India Today

Samantak Das: Reader, Jadavpur University


Ph.D in Evolutionary Readings: Darwin,Darwinism and the English Novel in the second half of the 19th Century from Jadavpur University.

Success mantra

Love your work and you can change the world.

One of the things Samantak Das learnt at the department of English in Jadavpur University is that the role of a teacher extends beyond the assigned tasks of teaching. As a teacher, Das tries to relate the texts to real-life experiences.

It is the same impulse that has driven him, at different times, to get involved in relief work in the Sunderbans in the aftermath of Cyclone Aila and work as a volunteer in an NGO for the rehabilitation of rural youth. He believes in thinking out of the box and Rabindranath Tagore fascinates him.

“When everybody was going abroad to study law, Tagore sent his son to America to learn agricultural techniques. These examples spur me to do what others find insane,” he says. Going to the Sunderbans as a relief worker being one, he supposes.

-by Abhijit Dasgupta

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