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Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan ; Graphic courtesy: The Times of India, August 26, 2015
Dawood Ibrahim: 2013-15; Graphic courtesy: The Times of India, August 26, 2015
Dawood Ibrahim: 2015; Graphic courtesy: The Times of India, August 26, 2015

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Dawood’s life after the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts

Union govt (NDA) blocked don's bid to come back

A long standing rivalry between Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel; Graphic courtesy: The Times of India
Dawood Ibrahim's businesses; Graphic courtesy: The Times of India, August 26, 2015
Hindi-Urdu films made about Dawood Ibrahim; Graphic courtesy: The Times of India, August 26, 2015

The Times of India, Jul 04 2015

Raj Shekhar

Govt blocked don's bid to come back, Chhota Shakeel reveals

Dawood Ibrahim and his deputy and most trusted aide Chhota Shakeel do not wish to return to India anymore. According to Shakeel, the Indian government turned down their proposal to return after the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, and now they are reluctant to come back. “When we wanted to come back after 1993, you people, your government didn't allow.Bhai had himself spoken that time to Ram Jethmalani, that too in London... baat ho gayi thi... But your ministry... that (LK) Advani played the game,“ Shakeel told TOI in an exclusive interview over phone from Karachi.

Shakeel opened up on a number of issues, including the bid he recently masterminded on rival Chhota Rajan which was exclusively reported by TOI on Wednesday , IPL match-fixing and his desire to continue doing “business“ in India.

He, however, got agitated when asked about information given by intelligence sources that Dawood was to be bumped off on September 16, 2014 when he was on his way to attend Shakeel's daughter Zoya's wedding in Karachi. Reliable accounts suggest that those interested in killing Dawood had come close to breaching the security cordon that the fugitive don has erected around himself.

This reporter had barely broached the issue that Shak eel snapped, “Who tells you all this? I have no idea. Ask what I will answer, not what I won't. These are fancies which will never turn true.(Sawal woh karo jiska jawab mai doon aapko, woh na karo jiska jawab nahin doon. Aaj tak jitni bhi aisi information aayi hai... agencies bhi jaanti hai, khayaali pulao hai, sapne dekhte hain, inka sap na kabhi poora nahi hoga).“

Shakeel accused Indian agencies of discriminating between gangs, and asked why they , or the government, had never talked about bringing back Chhota Rajan.“When agencies can hear me plotting against him (Rajan) and know where he is, why don't they get him picked up? Has he not killed people? Is he not a criminal?“ he asked.

He mocked Indian authorities for periodic declarations of their desire to bring Dawood and his aides back and make them face the law.“Every time a new government comes, they make the first statement about us. Usko leke aayenge... ghus ke laayenge... Kya halwa hai? Bakri ka bachcha samajh ke rakha hai kya? “ he said.

Shakeel confirmed that he had reached Newcastle in Australia to eliminate Rajan.“He ran away like a mouse,“ Shakeel said.

Late ’90s: Maharashtra government rejected surrender offer

The Times of India, Jul 04 2015

Chhota Shakeel and Dawood Ibrahim had offered to surrender in the late 90s to Indian authorities and face trial in the cases pending against him but the then Sharad Pawar government in Maharashtra had rejected it, renowned lawyer Ram Jethmalani said.

Shakeel had contacted him in London with the offer, provided he was assured that police would not torture the duo, Jethmalani said. “I don't know how he got to know that I was in London. But he contacted me and said he and Dawood were prepared to surrender to Indian authorities. He wanted an assurance from the government that they would be kept in house arrest during the trial,“ Jethmalani told TOI.

2005: India planned secret operation to kill Dawood

The Times of India, Aug 25 2015

In a significant disclosure, former Union home secretary R K Singh has said that Indian intelligence agencies had to abort a covert operation they had planned to take out fugitive underworld don and mastermind of Mumbai serial blasts Dawood Ibrahim. In an interview to a news channel, Singh said the plan, prepared by national security advisor A K Doval when he headed the Intelligence Bureau under the Vajpayee government, involved using members of the rival underworld gang led by Chhota Rajan to target Dawood when he was set to travel to Dubai for the wedding of his daughter in 2005. However, the plot was disrupted by a posse of Mumbai cops who mysteriously emerged in Delhi to arrest Rajan's accomplice Vicky Mal hotra and Fareed Tanasha.

Malhotra and Tanasha had travelled to Delhi to work out details of the plan.

The claim has shone fresh spotlight on Dawood's links with sections of Mumbai cops, one of the factors why he came to be known as the “uncrowned king“ of the city. It has rekindled suspicions about the manner in which Mumbai cops landed in New Delhi to enlist the help of Delhi Police ostensibly to execute arrest warrants pending against members of Chhota Rajan gang.

The claim is significant also because of the timing: it comes at a time when evidence has emerged that Doval's interest in the leader of the notorious crime syndicate may not have waned even after a decade he spent outside the government follow ing his superannuation.

Last week, Indian agencies responded to claims of Pakistani officials here that they had got dossiers showing complicity of Indian agencies in Baluchistan insurgency by releasing a fresh photograph of the ageing don. So far, Indian agencies have used an old photograph -one which was taken in 1993 -in all the dossiers submitted to Pakistan to claim that the fugitive was being sheltered by the hostile neighbour, and to demand his return. The image of the ageing don with a receding hairline showed that Indian agencies have been tracking him with considerable success.

The dossier which Doval had planned to submit to his Pakistani counterpart Sartaj Aziz had the latter not cried off from his engagement in Delhi, included the will that Dawood has prepared, bequeathing his property to his wife Mehzabeen, as well as the precise coordinates of the house Dawood bought next to a hospital in Karachi.

Dawood's infiltration of Mumbai Police has been part of the lore that has developed around him. A few years ago, Wikileaks disclosed that an inspector with Mumbai Police had to be cashiered because of his links with the don.

2005: Scuttling a plan to get him

The Times of India, Aug 26 2015

Prafulla Marpakwar

Who scuttled 2005 op to `nab' Dawood? Maha orders probe 

Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis ordered a probe into the sensational disclosures made by BJP LS member and former Union home secretary R K Singh on the Mumbai police's dubious role in scuttling a covert operation to take down Dawood Ibrahim.

In a TV interview, Singh had alleged that then IB director Ajit Doval, now national security advisor, had drafted a plan to target Dawood in 2005.It was proposed to involve members of a gang led by Dawood's rival, Chhota Rajan.

The plan failed to take off as a police team mysteriously reached New Delhi to detain Rajan's associates, Vicky Malhotra, and Fareed Tanasha, who were in the national capital to take a briefing on implementing the plan. The idea was to target Dawood when he'd travel to Dubai for his daughter's wedding.

Dawood's business network

2015: African blood diamonds

The Times of India, Aug 30 2015

Raj Shekhar

Dawood's latest business: Africa's blood diamonds

Investigators working to identify underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's offshore assets have stumbled on a startling fact: the fugitive is now in the business of conflict diamonds.

In a bid to freeze Dawood's assets and hobble his operations, national security adviser Ajit Doval had tasked intelligence agencies to pinpoint the don's businesses. It is widely known that he has interests in real estate, money laundering and illegal financial services like hawala, betting and fake currencies.

The sleuths have found that the current focus of the D Company , as Dawood's businesses are called, is to promote and expand the business of conflict diamonds in Africa and Dubai.

Conflict diamonds are raw diamonds mined and sold by militants groups in African countries, particu larly Angola, Sierra Leone and Congo, to “finance conflict aimed at undermining legitimate governments“.These illegally mined stones are also called “blood diamonds“ for the millions of civilian deaths caused by arms and ammunition that their sales have procured.They have largely been blacklisted in the diamond markets across the world.

Dawood's numerous links to countries such as Zimbabwe and Kenya, among others, have been detailed in a dossier created by the inves tigators and which has been accessed by TOI. It also describes the manner in which the gangster's syndicate acquires diamonds abroad and smuggles them into Dubai.

Agencies are now probing the Indian links of the syndicate which they suspect get active once the rocks are processed and ready to be sold. India is a major processor of diamonds; almost 10 of every 11 diamonds that are sold across the globe are cut and polished in the country . The dossier talks about a con duit called Rehmat, who ap pears to be Dawood's pointsperson in Africa. Rehmat, who uses an African number, hires African nationals, mostly women and young men, to act as couriers for Dawood's diamonds. Rehmat is known to have tapped the existing couriers to identify those who could carry the diamonds to the don's henchmen in Dubai.

The investigators have established that Dawood has a Dubai-based company called Al Noor Diamonds which, they say , is a front for this illegal trade in blood diamonds. The probe has uncovered solid evidence to show how Rehmat ferries diamonds to Dubai from Africa on flights. “On each trip, diamonds worth around 5 to 10 lakh US dollars are smuggled into Dubai and the African courier is paid $10,000 as his courier fee,“ reads the dossier.

In Dubai, a man named in the re port as Feroze Oasis receives the stones and has them processed be fore putting them out on the mar ket. “Feroze also handles Dawood's other companies viz Oasis Oil and Lube LCC ,“ the dossier reads.

The investigators say Javed Chu tani alias Doctor is the man who oversees the don's operations and busi ness in Dubai. “He was a bookie by profession with interests in real estate.

His current gambling book is in the name of d Kamran. Chutani also works as a bridge between Feroze, another associate Tariq Du bai and Dawood,“ the dossier states.

The security set-up believes that once it has control over Dawood's off shore assets, it will be in a better po sition to take him on. But till date, only a half of his suspected assets has been identified. Work on determin ing the rest is currently under way .

March 2018/ Diversification of D-company

Pakistan-based D-company has diversified, US lawmakers told, March 23, 2018: The Times of India


Dawood Ibrahim is wanted in India for a series of terror attacks in places like Mumbai.

According to Indian and US officials, Dawood is now based in Karachi.

Officials in Pakistan have denied his presence in their country.

Pakistan-based crime syndicate D-company, like Mexican drug organisations, has diversified in many other fields, US lawmakers were told. "Pakistan-based crime-terror group, D-company, whose origins lie in India, expanded Karachi's historic role as a drug transhipment point, and built a powerful transnational crime-terror organisation, in part from drug proceeds," Dr Louise Shelley, professor, Schar School of Policy and Government, at the George Mason University told lawmakers. Shelley claimed that the D-company has diversified.

"D-company, like Mexican drug organisations, has diversified. They traffic weapons, counterfeit DVDs, and provide financial services through their extensive system of hawala operators," he said during a Congressional hearing organised by the committee on house financial services subcommittee on terrorism and illicit finance.

D-Company is headed by fugitive Indian underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. Wanted in India for a series of high profile crimes and terrorist attacks in places like Mumbai, Ibrahim according to US and Indian officials is now based in Karachi city of Pakistan. Officials in Pakistan have denied his presence in their country.

India's sustained campaign against Dawood was finally acknowledged by America in 2003 when the US Treasury department declared him a global terrorist having links with al-Qaeda. He also faces sanctions from the United Nations under its anti-terror resolution.

Vindicating India's position that Pakistan has been sheltering Dawood, the Treasury Department had said he was in Karachi and possessed a Pakistani passport under the individual category.

Testifying before the same Congressional sub-committee, Celina B. Realuyo, Professor of Practice, William J Perry Centre for Hemispheric Defence Studies, National Defence University, said a number of attacks in Kabul were planned and launched from safe havens in Pakistan.


Iqbal Kaskar, brother

Nishikant Karlikar & Ahmed Ali, Sep 20 2017: The Times of India

Iqbal Kaskar’s life in crime
Dawood Ibrahim and his eleven siblings; Nishikant Karlikar & Ahmed Ali, Sep 20 2017: The Times of India

Fugitive gangster Dawood Ibrahim's younger brother Iqbal Kaskar, who was arrested on Monday from his Mumbai residence along with two aides -real estate agent Mumtaz Shaikh and Israr Ali Jamil Sayyad -for issuing extortion threats to a builder is believed to have collected around Rs 100 crore from developers and jewellers in Thane in the last three years, a cop said. Police are also probing the role of two local NCP netas who allegedly acted as middlemen between Kaskar and the builders. Thane police commissioner Parambir Singh said they are probing if Dawood himself was part of the extortion racket. “Recession and demonetisation hit builders badly, prompting Kaskar to also accept extortion in the form of flats,“ a police source said.

Singh said Kaskar has been threatening top builders in Thane since 2013 and in one case had extorted Rs 30 lakh from a builder and taken possession of four flats in the plush Rosa Bella complex, whose cumulative worth is close to Rs 5 crore. While the gang disposed of three of the flats for Rs 30 lakh each, the fourth flat was occupied by Kaskar's aide Shaikh. One of the two NCP netas reportedly stood `guarantor' on behalf of the builders, sources said. But NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik told TOI the allegations were baseless.

The commissioner said preliminary probe had revealed the names of certain big builders who were part of the criminal syndicate as they helped the gang get the ransom and would use their connections to evict other builders and grab land parcels. “Our probe so far has indicated that the gang would demand cash, flats, and land from the victims,“ he said.

“We have (received) at least ten complaints against them, and they have been arrested in one offence registered with Kasarwadavli police by a builder Jain,“ Singh said.

Police said Shaikh, with the help of Israr, used to collect information about properties and pass it on to Kaskar. Police have detained the brother-in-law of Kaskar's late sister Haseena Parkar and another person. The Thane magistrate remanded all three accused in police custody for eight days. Caught during biryani feast: When police arrived at his residence to arrest him, Kaskar was having biryani and watching TV . Cops, however, allowed him to finish the meal before taking him away .

Only son becomes a cleric

‘Dawood depressed as son turns cleric’ , November 27, 2017: The Times of India

Absconding underworld don Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar is reported to be suffering from bouts of depression as his only son has turned a cleric, according to police officials.

The problem apparently is his third child and only son Moin Nawaz D Kaskar, 31, who has turned his back on the “family business” is a devout Muslim who has chosen to become a maulana, or a cleric-cum-religious teacher. “Moin is understood to be dead against his father’s illegal activities,” Thane anti-extortion cell (AEC) head Pradeep Sharma said.

He said this and other news of internal strife in the family tumbled out during the interrogation of Iqbal Ibrahim Kaskar, Dawood’s younger brother, who was nabbed in extortion cases last September by the AEC.

Iqbal Kaskar told the investigators that a deeply worried Dawood is afflicted by bouts of despondency over who would look after and handle his vast underworld empire in future. More so, as his other brother Anees Ibrahim

Kaskar is aging and reportedly not in robust health, other brothers are deceased and no reliable close relatives available to take over the reins of the empire.

Iqbal said his nephew Moin is now a qualified Maulana, who is a ‘Hafiz-e-Quran’, having memorised the Holy Quran. Earlier, Moin — who is a business management graduate — used to help his father in running some of his businesses.

Indian monitoring of Dawood Ibrahim

Limiting Dawood financially

The Times of India, Aug 24 2016

Neeraj Chauhan

Indian agencies have been painstakingly tracking the movements of Dawood Ibrahim for 23 years and have managed to trace his properties across the world apart from phone numbers, passport details and even his electricity bills to bolster their charge that Pakistan continues to provide safe haven to India's most wanted terrorist.

Agencies like RAW , IB, CBI, NIA, police in Delhi and Mumbai and other agencies have worked all these years to stop Dawood's illegal activities in India and abroad, find his accomplices apart from tracking his family's travels, which happen mostly between Pakistan and Dubai with the help of Pakistani authorities.Dawood himself, top government officials said, may not have travelled much outside Pakistan in the last 10 years.

In the late 90s, the CBI got information that Dawood had properties in the UK as well and sent a team. A senior official, who has worked closely on cases against Dawood in the past and didn't wish to be identified, said the don has a big house in Hampstead (UK). The details of this house, the officer said, are buried in CBI files.

It is only since last year that the Enforcement Directorate started to locate properties of Dawood and his associates in several countries, including Morocco, Spain, the UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Cyprus, Turkey and Britain. Some of these properties could be attached soon.

Earlier this year, the UK imposed financial sanctions on Dawood on the UK treasury department's “Consolidated List of Financial Sanctions Targets in the UK“. Intelligence agencies say restricting Dawood's financial activities all over the world is important to neutralise his network. With the UN now recogni sing that Dawood indeed lives in Pakistan, confirming six of nine addresses shared by India, Indian agencies feel that the western neighbour should arrest the “global terrorist“. Officials say Interpol should also execute the long-pending red corner notice against Dawood.

Dawood`s name finds mention in the UN Security Council's IS and al-Qaida Sanctions Committee list along with global terrorists like Ayman al-Zawahari, Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi and others.

In the UN list, the aliases used by Dawood Ibrahim over the years are -Dawood Ebrahim, Sheikh Dawood Hassan, Abdul Hamid Abdul Aziz, Anis Ibrahim, Aziz Dilip, Daud Hasan Shaikh Ibrahim Kaskar, Daud Ibrahim Memon Kaskar, Dawood Hasan Ibrahim Kaskar, Dawood Ibrahim Memon, Dawood Sabri, Kaskar Dawood Hasan, Shaikh Mohd Ismail Abdul Rehman, Dowood Hassan Shaikh Ibrahim, Shaikh Ismail Abdul and Hizrat.

The mastermind of the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai has been living in Pakistan since then.

Relocation to Pakistan/ Karachi

UN committee accepts 6 of 9 alleged addresses

The Times of India, Aug 24 2016

UN confirms Dawood's Pak addresses provided by India

In an endorsement of India's assertion that underworld don Dawood Ibrahim has been given shelter in Pakistan since masterminding the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai, a United Nations committee has validated six of his nine addresses provided by New Delhi, belying Islamabad's claims that it has no knowledge of the whereabouts of the don. The UN Security Council's 1267 committee has removed three addresses of Dawood provided by India, lea ving six as they are. Apart from being booked for the 1993 blasts and links to many other acts of terror, Dawood has been proscribed as a global terrorist by the UN.

Pakistan has repeatedly maintained that he does not li ve in that country nor has any Pakistani identification. The Security Council's ISIL and alQaida Sanctions Committee amended its entry on Monday concerning Dawood with “underline and strike-through“.

Dawood remains on top of India's `Most Wanted' list for terror attacks and financing terror activities against India. Dawood has been seen to have collaborated with the alQaeda as well. On August 22, 2016, the Security Council Com mittee pursuant to resolutions 1267 (1999), 1989 (2011) and 2253 (2015) enacted the amendments specified with underline and strikethrough in the entry“ concerning Dawood on its ISIL (Da'esh) and al-Qaida Sanctions List of individuals and entities subject to the assets freeze, travel ban and arms embargo,“ it said.

The addresses removed from the list are: Main Property at Margalla Raod F62 Street no. 22, House No.07, Islamabad; 8th Floor of Mehran Square, near Pardesi House-3, Talwar Area, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan; and 6A Kjauabam Tanzeem, Phase-5, Defence Housing Araea, Karachi, Pakistan. These were listed on November 3, 2003 (amended on 21 March 2006, 25 July 2006, 2 July 2007, 11March 2010, 22 August 2016).

The first of these was found to be the house of Pakistani envoy Maleeha Lodhi. The amendment also strikes through the other two addresses.

His main addresses are mentioned as “Karachi, Pakistan (White House, Near Saudi Mosque, Clifton), House Nu 37, 30th Street, Defence, Housing Authority, Karachi; and a palatial bungalow in the hilly area of Noorabad in Karachi.

These have not been amended, which means that they can be regarded as valid addresses of Dawood. India had compiled these addresses for Dawood to give them to the UN Security Council.

2016: Lives in D13, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi

The Times of India, May 13 2016

D13, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi: TV sting confirms Dawood's address

A sting operation by a national TV channel claimed to confirm that underworld don Dawood Ibrahim indeed lives in Karachi's posh Clifton area. The video shows the address of Dawood's bungalow as D 13, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi, an address which has been shared by India with Pakistan on several occasions.

The channel, on the basis of interviews of guards and locals, claimed that everyone in the area knew that Dawood lived there.

Reacting to the TV report about Dawood's presence in Pakistan, the government on Thursday said that it will continue to pursue its case that Pakistan hand over the 1993 Mumbai blasts mastermind back to India.

“The news reports referred only corroborates the facts that were already available with us. We will continue to pursue this matter and we expect Pakistan to hand over this international terro rist to us,“ MEA spokesperson Vikas Swarup told reporters at a media briefing.

The official said India had in the past shared details of Dawood, including his possible locations in Pakistan with Islamabad. “Dawood Ibrahim is a UN-designated global terrorist and a fugitive from Indian law, at several point of time his details have been shared by the Indian government with the govern ment of Pakistan,“ he added.

The sting operation shows Dawood's house flanked by a cricket stadium on one side and the Clifton Marquee, a popular wedding and banquet hall on the other.The compound has threemetre high walls, barricades leading up to the entrance and private security guards manning it 24x7. It claimed that Dawood's presence there was confirmed by locals.

Dawood is wanted in India for the past 23 years and Pakistan has always denied his presence there despite irrefutable evidence provided by Delhi.

Baby's masseuse revealed address

The Times of India, Aug 24 2016

Ahmed Ali

Baby's masseuse among many who revealed addresses

A baby masseuse is among a long list of criminals who had revealed various addresses of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim to the Mumbai police. The woman was detained at the airport by immigration authorities over a suspicious trip she had made to Pakistan in 1999. “During interrogation, she revealed that she had gone to Pakistan via Dubai to massage a newborn in Dawood's family for nearly four months.She had provided details of Dawood's residence at Moin Palace in Clifton, in Karachi,“ a police officer said. The bungalow is guarded by around two dozen heavily armed guards, including some retired Pakistani army officers, according to these accounts.

The woman had also told the police that she was sent to Pakistan by Dawood's sister, the late Haseena Parkar.

Karimullah Khan, who worked as a driver for Dawood's family , had sneaked into India from Pakistan via Nepal and was arrested in 2010 by the Mumbai crime branch, has given at least three addresses of Dawood and his kin, including Maragalla Road and Amir Khan Road at Karachi.The crime branch had arrest ed 1993 serial bomb blasts case accused Feroz Abdul Rashid alias Hamza from Mira Road in 2008, and he had given details of Dawood's assets; they said a passport has his name listed as Hassan Shaikh.

2017: Ibrahim on UK asset list with 3 Pakistan addresses

Dawood Ibrahim on UK asset freeze list with 3 Pakistan addresses and 21 aliases, Aug 22, 2017: The Times of India


Dawood Ibrahim remains the only "Indian national" on an updated list of financial sanctions released by the UK

Dawood is the main accused in the 1993 serial bomb blasts case in Mumbai in which around 260 people were killed

LONDON: India's most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim remains the only "Indian national" on an updated list of financial sanctions released by the UK which also listed 21 aliases for the underworld don.

The mafia boss appears on the UK Treasury department's 'Consolidated List of Financial Sanctions Targets in the UK' updated on Monday, with three recorded addresses in Pakistan, where he is reportedly based.

"Kaskar Dawood Ibrahim" is recorded to have lived at: House No 37, 30th Street - Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan; Noorabad, Karachi, Pakistan (Palatial bungalow in the hilly area); and White House, Near Saudi Mosque, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.

A fourth address on record until last year - House no.29, Margalla Road, F 6/2 Street no.22, Karachi, Pakistan - is no longer part of the records. Dawood Ibrahim is the main accused in the 1993 serial bomb blasts case in Mumbai in which around 260 people were killed, and more than 700 suffered injuries. He fled the country post the bombings and is understood to be hiding in Pakistan. Pakistan has repeatedly denied his presence in the country.

His place of birth is recorded as Kher, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, and his nationality is listed as "Indian" with a recorded Indian passport which was subsequently revoked by the government of India and then goes on to list a string of Indian and Pakistani passports acquired by him and misused.

"Father's name is Sheikh Ibrahim Ali Kaskar, Mother's name is Amina Bi, Wife's name is Mehjabeen Shaikh. Also referred to as Hizrat and Mucchad," the listing on Ibrahim, first made on November 7, 2003, notes.

The listing also records 21 aliases used by Ibrahim: Abdul, Shaikh, Ismail; Abdul Aziz, Abdul Hamid; Abdul Rehman, Shaikh, Mohd, Ismail; Anis, Ibrahim, Shaikh, Mohd; Bhai, Bada; Bhai, Dawood; Bhai, Iqbal; Dilip, Aziz; Ebrahim, Dawood; Farooqi, Sheikh; Hasan, Kaskar, Dawood; Hassan, Dawood; Ibrahim, Anis; Ibrahim, Dowood, Hassan, Shaikh; Kaskar, Daud, Hasan, Shaikh, Ibrahim; Kaskar, Daud, Ibrahim, Memon; Kaskar, Dawood, Hasan, Ibrahim; Memon, Dawood, Ibrahim; Sabri, Dawood; Sahab, Haji; and Seth, Bada. The financial sanctions list also included organisations such as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), Khalistan Zindabad Force and Hizbul Mujahideen.

A series of affiliates of 'al-Qaida' and the 'Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant' are also recorded on the list.

The measures include prohibiting the transfer of funds to a sanctioned country and freezing the assets of a government, the corporate entities and residents of the target country to targeted asset freezes on individuals/entities.

Certain financial sanctions may also prohibit providing or performing other financial services, such as insurance, to designated individuals or governments. It is a criminal offence to breach a financial sanction, without an appropriate licence or authorisation from the UK Treasury.

The world vs. Dawood_Ibrahim

2019: FBI traps top Dawood aide in UK

Naomi Canton, July 2, 2019: The Times of India

Undercover FBI agents infiltrated the top ranks of Dawood Ibrahim’s network, trafficked heroin into the US and laundered over $1 billion of the proceeds of narcotics before seeking arrest of his “top henchman”, a court heard.

Pakistan national Jabir Motiwala, who uses the surname Siddiq, is contesting extradition to the US where he is wanted to face trial for conspiracy to commit money laundering, blackmail and extortion and conspiracy to import heroin into the US.

The 52-year-old was arrested at Hilton Hotel in Paddington in August 2018 and is now in Wandsworth prison, alongside Nirav Modi.

On the first day of his three-day extradition trial, John Hardy QC, representing the US government, said FBI agents had met and spoken to Motiwala “who said he was with D-Company”.

‘D-group charges 50% fee to collect money in dispute’ The head is Dawood Ibrahim, an Indian Muslim in exile in Pakistan. He and his brother have been fugitives from India since 1993 and over the past 10 years D-Company operatives have conducted operations in the US.

The FBI investigation revealed that Motiwala reports directly to Dawood and that extortion, debt collection and money laundering are his main job and he travels extensively and conducts meetings on behalf of Dawood who cannot travel,” Hardy said.

Motiwala, who lives in Karachi and has a 10-year visa to the UK, appeared in the dock at Westminster magistrates’ court and kept his eyes cast on the ground.

One of the FBI informants, a Pakistan-born US citizen, attempting to facilitate criminal dealings with the D-Company, met Motiwala, a “top lieutenant in the Dawood empire”, in the US in 2011, and in Pakistan in 2011 and 2012, Hardy said. Motiwala introduced the source to a co-conspirator who is the lead money launderer for D-Company, he said. The US agent then laundered more than $1 billion of narcotics proceeds from D-Company and made cash deposits in the US, making them appear to come from legitimate transactions, Hardy said.

“During the meetings in Pakistan in 2011 the FBI source and Motiwala discussed debt collection and extortion by D-Company in the US and abroad and how D-Company uses its reputation for violence and the ability to reach family members in Pakistan and India to resolve business disputes and pressure them to pay up. “The D-Company collects fees of up to 50% for collecting the money in a dispute,” Hardy added.

The court heard that on the US agent’s first trip to Pakistan, in September 2011, he inquired about importing heroin and was introduced by Motiwala’s co-conspirator to a heroin and hash supplier.

In 2014 a 4-kg sample of heroin was shipped from Pakistan to New York via Toronto where it was seized. “Motiwala responded in traditional fashion by invoking Dawood and threatening his life,” Hardy said.

2019:  Dawood is in Pakistan, US tells London court

Naomi Canton, July 2, 2019: The Times of India

Whilst Pakistan has always denied, it, the US gover nment has confir med in a London court that India’s most wanted terrorist, Dawood Ibrahim, and D-Company, his international crime syndicate, are based in Karachi, Pakistan.

On the first day of the extradition trial of Jabir Moti — who is accused of being Dawood’s top henchman — at Westminster magistrates’ court on Monday, John Hardy QC, representing the US government, said: “The FBI in New York is investigating DCompany which is based in Pakistan, India and the UAE.”

“The head is Dawood Ibrahim, an Indian Muslim living in exile in Pakistan. He and his brother have been fugitives from India since 1993 and over the past 10 years D-Company operatives have conducted operations in the US, specifically money-laundering and extortion. “The FBI investigation has revealed Motiwala reports directly to Dawood and extortion, debt collection and money-laundering are his main jobs,” Hardy said.

The US government is seeking to extradite Moti to the US to face charges of conspiracy to commit extortion, blackmail, A-class drugs trafficking and money-laundering. He is contesting the extradition. On Tuesday, Moti appeared in a London court on being charged with money laundering, drugs trafficking and extortion to fund terrorism offences and Dawood’s name came up again when Leanna Bezzant, representing the Crown Prosecution Service, said Moti attends meetings with the leader of D-Company, Dawood, and with other criminal associates, and “reports directly to him (Dawood) when engaging in criminal activity”.

Bezzant read out the charges against him, saying they carried a sentence of 25 years maximum. “Since 2012 the FBI have been investigating the D-Company and its members and associates. The leader resides in Pakistan and its smuggling routes go through South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Jabir Moti is one of the top lieutenants in it. It is based in Karachi.” Judge Margot Coleman rejected Jabir Moti’s bail application and asked him to appear via video link from jail on August 28.

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