Census India 1931: The Population Problem in Madras States Agency

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Report by

J. H. HUTTON, C.I.E., D.Sc., F.A.S.B.,

Corresponding Member of the Anthropologische Gesselschaft of Vienna.

Delhi: Manager of Publications


(Hutton was the Census Commissioner for India)

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The Population Problem in Madras States Agency

The Madras States Agency includes five States in the south of India two of which, Cochin and Travancore, in the south-west corner, publish their own census reports in the India series. The other three, Pudukkottai, Banganapalle and Sandur, are dealt with in the Madras provincial report to which reference must be made for detailed treatment.

Madras state agency.PNG

Figures of the area and population of Pudukkottai, the largest of them, will be found in the supplements to Tables I and II in part (ii), and a separate report has been published by the State, a summary of which forms Appendix VI of Volume XIV (Madras) of this series.

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