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Atif Aslam

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Atif Aslam is…

Atif Aslam: Lesser known facts

Amann Khuranaa The Times of India

Atif Aslam is one of the most loved singers of Bollywood today. The Pakistani singer who began his Bollywood journey with ‘Woh Lamhe..’ has come a long way now, having rendered his voice for numerous big banner films. Popular for his vocal belting technique, Atif’s painful voice is what distinguishes him from other singers. His charming personality has earned him a volley of female fans in India and Pakistan.

Atif Aslam’s first love was cricket. He always dreamt of representing Pakistan as a cricketer. The singer was also selected as a pace bowler for the U-19 Pakistani cricket team. But as fate would have it, circumstances led Atif to drop the ball and pick up the mike. We would have definitely missed on a golden voice, had Atif not done it.

Atif Aslam began his music career as a vocalist in popular Pakistani band, Jal. He teamed up with Goher Mumtaz, the founder of the band, and the two of them would often perform at small events in front of small gatherings. Atif had no money to record his first single ‘Aadat...’ In order to do that, he drove local vans and managed to earn a sum of Rs 15000. It was with this amount, he recorded the song. Atif, on Comedy Nights With Kapil, revealed that it was something he feels proud of.

While Atif Aslam has never revealed as to what really made him leave the band Jal, there have been reports stating that the singer wanted his brother to be the manager of the band. On the other hand, Goher’s brother was also keen on becoming the manager. This led to disputes between Atif and Goher, and he ended up quitting the band to pursue a solo career.

Within a matter of weeks, ‘Aadat..’ earned the status of anthem in Pakistan. The song became so popular that Atif became a household name. The astounding success of the song got him noticed by film producer Mahesh Bhatt, who invited Atif to India to record a song for his film Zeher. Since then, there was no looking back for the vocalist and he credits Mahesh Bhatt for all the love and support he has received from Indian listeners. Mahesh Bhatt, on the sets of TV music reality show, Sur Kshetra, said that he felt like a gardener who feels happy seeing the blossoming flowers, when he saw Atif rising to fame with the release of his very first song.

Atif is the youngest recipient of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, fourth-highest decoration given to any civilian in Pakistan based on their achievements. About receiving this civilian award, Atif said on a Pakistani talk show that it was unbelievable to have received such honour from the government of Pakistan.

Known for his on-stage rock star move, ‘The backward bend’, Atif Aslam married Sara Bharwana, a Lahore based girl, after seven years of courtship, on March 29, 2013. Atif had met Sara at a wedding function.

Atif Aslam had cut down on his Bollywood projects between 2013 and 2015. The singer, who was back with the song ‘Jeena Jeena…’ from the movie Badlapur, (2015) says he enjoyed the two-year break, which helped him focus more on work after coming back. In a recent interview, the singer was asked if he regretted the fact that Pakistan has never been able to beat India in the World Cup. The Pakistani singer quickly responded saying that may be not in the World Cup, but Pakistan has defeated India in singing. Apparently, the singer was referring to the 2012-singing talent show Sur Kshetra where the Pakistani team lead by him defeated the Indian side lead by Himesh Reshammiya.

Atif says he wants to sing for King Khan

‘Emraan is a hit ‘coz of my voice’


By Sumit Jha

The ‘hottest singing sensation’ is Atif Aslam’s new name. Having broken barriers between India and Pakistan with his soulful voice and power-packed performances across nations and a huge fan following to add to, the singer was as sensational at the live performance he gave at the IIT fest — Antaragni recently

So how’s the experience like giving performances in India? “It has been great. Be it live concerts or Bollywood movies, I’m happy with the love Indian audience has given me. Besides people here are very energetic which gives you more spark. Besides, India is a big market and if any performance gets successful here you automatically get noticed in the international market. And that’s what worked in my favour too.”

This young guy may be spreading his sizzle everywhere with his voice, but not many know that he actually wanted to be a cricketer.

“Yes, initially I had dreams of becoming a cricketer. In fact, I also got selected for the under nineteen cricket team. But my elder brother was very fond of good music and listened to a variety of music which gradually began to attract me. So I started with singing at college canteen and restaurants. Then later, on my friends’ insistence I also started participating in singing contests which just raised my popularity,” he shares.

“I am giving three songs for Race which would be starring Akshay Kumar and Bipasha Basu. Also I would soon be releasing my album Meri Kahani..., the songs have a Pakistani flavour”

Happy with the way his career is shaping up, he says in all modesty, “It’s unbelievable. It’s just because of the love of my fans and the blessings of the Almighty that I’m liked wherever I go.” Not only is he happy, he also seems to know why he’s so liked. “I think it’s my own original style of singing that pulls people to me. I consciously try not to sound as though imitating our legendary singers.”

So how has Bollywood been to him? “Besides other directors, I’ve particularly had a great experience working with Mahesh Bhatt saheb. And post the major hit of songs Woh Lamhe from Zeher and Aadat from Kalyug, Mahesh Bhatt often says that ‘Emraan is a hit because of my voice’.”

But bring him to talk about the accusations and opposition by Indian singers with Pakistani singers performing here and he says, “Frankly, it doesn’t affect me. They are doing what they want to, just like I’m doing what I want to. In fact, a while back when I was invited as a celebrity judge in one of the reality singing shows, Abhijeet Bhattacharya refused to come for the show. I can’t help it, but I believe it will all settle down with time.”

But that doesn’t stop him from having his few favourites in the industry. “I would like to sing for Naseerji and SRK someday. Their on-screen presence compels me with the desire to sing for them.”

Talking about his forthcoming projects how says, “Presently I am giving three songs for Race which would be starring Akshay Kumar and Bipasha Basu. Also I would soon be releasing my album Meri Kahani..., the songs have a Pakistani flavour.” — Dawn/Times of India news service

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