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This is a collection of articles archived for the excellence of their content.

A profile

From the archives of India Today

AGK Menon: Founder, School of Architecture and Planning, Delhi


B.Arch from IIT, Kharagpur, M.Sc in Architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, and M.Sc in Urban Planning from Columbia University.

Usually to be found

“Because I wear too many hats, that of convener of INTACH (Delhi Chapter), coordinator of SAP, writing for journals and books, and of course, pursuing my consultancy, I’m constantly chasing my own tail,” he says.

Mantra for change

Let’s know ourselves first and then look for solutions to our many problems.

Searching for a means to make architecture more ‘context-specific’, AGK Menon along with fellow architects A.B. Lall, Ashish Ganju and K.L. Nadir, a social scientist, founded the TVB School of Habitat Studies, now the School of Architecture and Planning (SAP), in 1990. “Our education system dumbs down the learning curve by trying to make it student-centric,” says Menon, convener, INTACH (Delhi Chapter) and coordinator, SAP, Indraprastha University. Inculcating the three-part mission of culture, modernity and the consciousness of poverty into the curriculum, Menon says, research has become central to imparting education in architecture at SAP. He also developed the Indian Charter for Conservation for INTACH, to provide an alternative to the dominant European Charters of Conservation, which are being followed till date. by Purvi Malhotra

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