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A profile

Paras Nath

The Times of India

Apr 06 2015

The flautist with a magic touch

Admired by connoisseurs and pundits, Paras Nath is a versatile classical musician

In the hands of Paras Nath, the flute trans forms into a live be ing -singing, talking, even playacting. It can take the listener to classical depths, soar with a playful melody, even soothe, with its gentle touch. One of the finest musical talents to emerge from Delhi in years, Paras has wowed pundits and connoisseurs at home and abroad. He is versatile in that he is steeped in tradition but is contemporary in outlook.

Salim Merchant, of the popular Salim-Sulaiman composer duo, is a big fan.“Many musicians excel technically in playing complicated pieces but Paras understands music in its entirety . He plays with heart, love and joy , taking it to a spiritual level.“

Top music director and singer, Shankar Mahadevan concurs. “Paras is among the top flautists in the country. He can convey so much through the flute. And his knowledge of his instrument and his art is immense.“

The artiste has been collaborating with some of the biggest names in the Mumbai music industry . He is also ready , he says, to work with artists from other countries. Interestingly , you don't need to know the intricacies of classical music to appreciate Paras' music. For his latest video, Orman Tantra, he played the flute deep in a for est to recreate out the magic of music in wilderness.

Guitar maestro and Grammy winner, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, feels that the international audience for Indian music is ripe for a multifaceted talent like Paras. “I see a golden era for Indian music, be it classical, film or fusion music,“ he says. “Paras belongs to a distinguished family of musicians. His father, Amar Nath, and his brothers are all very good flautists.His fusion album, Eternal Winds, launched last year is an impressive work. He now has the confidence to go out into the world and express himself.“

Paras has travelled and played extensively around the world and his aim now is to popularize Indian classical music abroad. “I would like to play to the world what I've learnt at home which is pure, divine music. My family has been serving music for more than 200 years and I would like to take the work forward.“

Leading singer Richa Sharma has worked with the artiste for over 15 years and recalls the standing ovation he got at the Ottawa Jazz festival last year.“He is an unbelievable talent. I've seen the affection with which legends like Jagjit Singh, Rashid Khan and Hariharan have treated him. For someone so young, he is so calm and such a fine musician,“ she says.

Paras, who works now out of Mumbai, says Indian classical music has to be promoted well within the country . “It's difficult for a classical musician to make ends meet and so he has to compromise with his art.Classical music is part of our identity and we should promote it like other forms.“

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