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‘Operation Smile’ to rescue missing children

Sources: The Hindu

1. The Hindu, January 7, 2015

2. The Hindu, January 15, 2015

In an effort to rescue missing children and hand them over to their parents, the government has launched ‘Operation Smile’. As part of the programme, a special action committee was formed with members from various government departments.

The committee would collect details about orphan children in childrens’ homes, and also identify children found wandering in public places, railway stations, bus stands, market areas and other places.

The report, “‘Operation Smile’: police trace missing children”, on how the police have formed teams for ‘Operation Smile,’ an initiative to trace children reported missing in the district police limits in the last 10 years, may be a good and worthwhile initiative, but the general public should be aware that there is an international project that goes by the same name and whose purpose is entirely different.

The international project seeks to help children with facial deformities by using corrective medicine and surgery and bringing back a “smile” to their faces and life. The Indian branch of the project is called “Operation Smile – India”. It holds medical camps, engaging eminent local and international doctors and health-care officials to offer free humanitarian service, especially to the poor and needy. Though the objectives of both these projects are noble, their sharing a name will only cause confusion.

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