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Mohita Tewari | TNN Sep 28, 2016, Rugby returns to La Martiniere after 48 years, The Times of India

Rugby was played at the college till 1968 at Fairydale Field.

In 2016, after a gap 48 years, rugby returned to Lucknow at La Martiniere College with Kane Turoa, the coach of the New Zealand national rugby team training boys of the school in the sport. "The revival of rugby at La Martiniere Collge is on the insistence of the former students who had enjoyed the sport when they were in school.It seems to be the quintessential `all-boys' game which fits into the ethos of this college," said principal Carlyle McFarland.

The team of old Martinians which proposed the idea includes Lt Col Rajendra Singh SM, Lt Col AK Srivastava and Salahuddin Ahmed, all former rugby players from the school. The school now has a new field called Baker's Field. As many as 300 students from classes VII-IX volunteered to learn the sport. .

The college is among the few in the country where students are taught rugby

"Thanks to the rugby I played in school, I got an opportunity to train the Army's rugby team," said Lt Col Singh.

Apart from Turoa, a coach of international repute who will be here for a month, the school will also have a coach from the Indian Army rugby team for a week, added Singh.

"We three came up with the idea of the revival of rugby and discussed it with other Martinians. The idea was taken forward by Lt Col Rajendra Singh who contacted head coach Willie Hetaraka from New Zealand to send one of the persons who had coached All Blacks (the New Zealand rugby team)," said Lt Col AK Srivastava. Srivastava said, " We would go to La Martiniere Collge in Calcutta and their team would to come to Lucknow ."

While Turoa will train the boys here, it will be monitored by Hetaraka in New Zealand. Two college teachers, Wyeth Mitson and Joshua Howard, will also be trained along with the boys so that they can continue their training.

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