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A brief biography

By Nauzer Bharucha July 12, 2021: The Times of India

Bharda school in Mumbai’s Fort district, established in the late 19th century, has produced illustrious sportsmen, lawyers, politicians and judges of the country. Little known, though, is the man who founded the school—Jalbhai Dorabji Bhardawhose 100th death anniversary falls on Monday, July 12. Historian Marzban Giara has dug out nuggets from the life of this renowned educationist and scientist. Born in 1864, Jalbhai, at age 24, bagged the Edinburgh Scholarship and later joined Fort High School as a senior teacher. At the young age of 27, he joined another senior teacher, Kekobad Behramji Murzban, and devised a plan for a new high school in Mumbai. The New High School was inaugurated on January 1, 1891. Its motto was ‘Ever New’. Bharda, whose favourite subject was astronomy, was also a lover of literature. Instead of making students write impositions such as ‘I must not talk in class’, they were assigned to read or write a passage from literature. He died at age 57 on July 12, 1921. After his death, the school was named Bharda New High School. “A bust in marble of the late Jalbhai Dorabji Bharda was presented to the school by his pupils, friends and admirers. It was unveiled by Justice Di nshaw Fardunji Mulla on December 1, 1923,’’ says Giara.

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