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2016: Sword of Honour

The Times of India, Jun 13 2016

Yogesh Kumar

Army cook's son wins best cadet award at IMA

Gopal Singh Bisht, an Army cook, had left no stone unturned in his attempt to ensure that his son becomes an Army officer. Bisht witnessed his dreams turning into a reality at the Indian Military Academy (IMA). His son, Rajendra, not only graduated with flying colours from the academy along with 609 other cadets, but also bagged the coveted `Sword of Honour' after being adjudged the best all round Gentleman Cadet.

Bisht encouraged his son to dream big. “I knew that he had the potential to do something great so I tried my best so that he can become an officer in the Army ,“ he said. At the academy , Rajendra was known for his dedication, somet hing that he attributed to his schoo ling and parents.

IMA's senior officers say that Ra jendra had shown talent from the be ginning. “He was great in all the stre ams, be it physical fitness, studies, weapons training and other activiti es. The Sword of Honour is given to the cadet who outperforms everyone ntly,“ an Army spokesman said. consistently ,“ an Army spokesman said.

Sharing his experience, Rajendra said: “It requires persistence and hard work to achieve any goal. I am so happy to receive the honour.“

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